You are Blessed!

Do you know who you are? Really!? Who are you? Most of us walk around with the impression that we know ourselves, until we realize that we don’t. I used think that I knew who I was. At 23, I was certain about it; in hindsight, I did not know myself then, and I still don’t know myself now. At 28, I am still getting to know myself, growing into myself, and enjoying observing the blossoming.


I started to ask myself, if I knew today was my last day would I be doing what I am doing right now? If the answer to that question was no, I decided to start doing what I wanted to do. This was a hard decision and has been meet with many challenges; however it bought me peace. All we have are these moments, and one day we will look back on them with light and love. Good or bad, there is beauty in everything that we do. I am now able to look back on all memories with appreciation and love. I recognize that being confused, misguided, and lost in the world is what made me the person that I am today. I forgive myself and love myself because had I not been lost in darkness, I would not have found the light.


I am grateful for the mistakes that I made. I recognize that every step that I made was perfect. If I choose to live my life with regret of the choices that I made, I would be stuck in a repetitious cycle of failed choices followed by guilt and shame.  Everything has a divine time. We all are watchers, readers, and observers of our own stories. Read your story backwards and be grateful for all the times that you have gone through, the good and bad.  It is a blessing that you are here in the land of the living, your spirit lives on, and you are alive! I am thankful that you are here! I praise God for you!


Life is a battle we all must win. It’s the battle between good and evil. And good always wins! Let the light inside of you guide you. If you are going through tough times in your life right now, and are feeling broken, hurt, and depressed, I am praying with you for your strength. I know that this perhaps is the worst pain that you have experienced and that you may feel like giving up.  Keep pushing forward, steadfast. Hold on to the good in this world, have faith as small as a mustard seed, and seek out help from others. I declare and decree a blessing over your life. You are blessed!!

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