Work for the Soul

Over the past few months several people have talked to me about their grave dissatisfaction with their work (read: job). They were frustrated, fed-up, and just down-right sick and tired. Their jobs were no longer providing a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that it did when they first started working there. Gone are the days of lunch break chats, friendly conversations, and positive vibes, now people are experiencing mandatory overtime, gossiping and backstabbing co-workers, and drained energy and productivity.

These people weren’t simply complaining about not liking their jobs, they were speaking to the harsh demands of their workplace environment without any incentive or appreciation for the work they were producing. This awakening is happening not only on an individual basis, but also collectively. As a human race, we are experiencing a collective shift in our consciousness and rising to the awareness of our soul’s purpose. No longer are we satisfied with the mundane, day-to-day routine of punching the clock only to leave feeling unfulfilled, unappreciated, and underpaid.

People are awakening to the their life’s purpose as the confines of the workplace no longer provide a sense of stability and satisfaction. “I finally know what I want to do,” is the reflective epiphany I’ve heard during many conversations. We want to be of service to others, feel appreciated, and produce meaningful work. There is less focus being placed on the monetary value received from the work that we do, and instead greater value is being placed on the intrinsic fulfillment of the work.

We want to construct work that will create momentous change in the world around us. We are the creators of our universe and no longer are we content with the antiquated processes of our society. The shift in our collective consciousness has sparked a light in our creativity and imagination. Collectively we have the power to rewrite the history of the human race. By freeing ourselves of the shackles and bondages of the system, we can create the work that is uplifting, inspiring, and gratifying to our souls.

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