Wonder Woman

There is so much power that women possess in this world, yet we’ve somehow lost sense of this innate power. We’ve been taught that we are somehow less than our male counterparts. Our womanhood has been ridiculed, diminished, and reduced to our physical appearance, sex appeal, and childbearing abilities. We’ve allowed society to define who we are and what we are capable of. We are much more than the outer layers of our being. We are finer than gold and have the fire within us that burns more than a thousand suns.

Society has taught us that women are weak, fragile, and in need of protection. When we say to our daughters that they cannot stay out late, but their brothers can, what we are saying is that ‘you, daughter cannot protect yourself the way your brother can.’ We unconsciously are sending the same message to our sons: that girls should not be out late because they are incapable of protecting themselves. This type of teaching is what created and continues to perpetuate the cycle of inequality amongst men and women.


We need to change the language that we use when we speak about the strengths and qualities of both men and women. We must teach our sons and daughters that they are equal and must treat each other as such. We must not continue to create a division in the way that our children view and interact with each other. As women we must work together to show society that our womanhood cannot and will not be defined by our physical attributes. We will not surrender and hide who we are because of the sexist and unjust views that society holds about women.

We have the power to shift the societal views of boys and girls, and men and women. Women can and do show great deals of strength, courage, and bravery throughout all walks of life. The roles that we take on in our lives do not define who we are as women. We have the capability to be any and everything that we want to be. Rise up and reclaim your rightful place on the throne. You are a Queen. Recognize your gifts. You are mother Earth. You bring forth the fruit of the world through your gifts and talents. You teach. You heal. You protect. You provide. You are amazing. Woman. Just as you are.

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