Uber Chronicles

I spent all of last week in Atlanta visiting my family and close friends. While I was there I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely woman named Charlene. She was my Uber driver to the airport to pick up a rental car. Charlene blessed my life during our ride Friday morning by being vulnerable and sharing her life story with me. She talked about her past and all it’s ugliness, losing friends and even family, but she also shared her glory. She’s married to a wonderful man that she said God blessed her with, is living in her dream house, and only drives for Uber to pay off credit cards she recently used to splurge for her husband’s birthday. She makes her own schedule, which allows her flexibility to do what she wants while still being able to spend time with her daughter. She’s enjoying life.

I said, “It sounds to me like you are wealthy.”  She said, “No not wealthy, just blessed.” I proceeded to tell her that she was indeed blessed AND wealthy. I shared with her that she is wealthy because she is living a life full of joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment. Like Charlene, I used to think of wealth as a monetary amount to amass to be able to afford the finer things in life. Life for me couldn’t be finer than it is at this current moment. I’m grateful for Charlene’s willingness to be vulnerable; it gave me the opportunity to reflection on my own wealth.

My life is not all together and I’m not always happy, but I am wealthy because I am full of joy, peace, and fulfillment. Perhaps I’ll experience a wave of darkness where I’ll lose sight of this gratitude and I won’t be able to be this introspective. Those moments when darkness creeps in sending me plummeting into an abyss with no knowledge of how I got there. I can only pray for my strength, resilience, and courage in those moments. I hope to remember the previous times that I was there and with awareness that I always bounce back stronger.

I am not perfect and I don’t know everything despite what some people may think I think about myself. I’m learning, growing, and implementing changes along the way. I’m also reveling in the fact that I am living my best life, enjoying the moments, creating memories, and building new ones. I’m excited about the lessons that are still left to learn and all that’s still left to be experienced. I give thanks for people like Charlene, who are a beautiful, reflection of my human experience echoing authenticity, vulnerability, and truth, right when I need it. Talks with Uber drivers, yeah, they can be deep.

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