To the Crazy Ones

Though many people would like to think that I am crazy, I would like to believe that I am a sound-minded person. I’ve been called crazy more times than I care to remember, both directly and indirectly. I used to shy away from this and hated the notion that anyone would refer to me as crazy. I then realized that some of the most intelligent people in the world were also thought to be crazy, so I guess I am with good company. I’ve learned that people’s inability to comprehend the magnitude of excellence that exists within you leads them to referring to you as crazy. Being misunderstood has nothing to do with you and everything to do with their lack of comprehension about you.

To be unique in this world has become a foreign concept. It has been shunned, blasphemed and then turned into the latest trend. How dare you choose to stand out and be different!? We are living in a society that lacks originality, creativity, and uniqueness, all of which are the very essence of our being. So in order for others to feel good about themselves, they talk down to you, talk about you, and neglect to appreciate you. In life, people will judge, ridicule, and attempt to shame you for being your authentic self.

When you walk in your uniqueness, people will look down on you, make you feel like you think you are better than them, and shame you into believing that you are less than because you are different. Your difference is what they cannot accept. You’ve moved further in your journey than they believed you could. You wrote the book that you said you always would, you married the man that they believed was no good for you, and you succeeded in the career they told you wasn’t for you. You’ve surpassed their expectations and once again they’ve inserted their opinions into your life.

The moment that these people have an opinion about your life, they are reducing themselves to a supporting cast member in your movie instead of having a leading role in their own. The only opinion that matters in your life is your own. Stand firm in your conviction to be true to who you are. Never let anyone try to diminish your greatness just to fit into a box that they’ve created. You were born to stand out; being the same is so boring anyway.

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