The Tribe

My husband jokes a lot that I’m in love with my womenfriends. I say women friends because it’s nothing girl-like about the women I surround myself with. I actually think it’s a great joke because I am in love with my womenfriends. Personally I believe if you aren’t in love with your womenfriends then you need new friends. I love that my womenfriends are there to support me in my moments of weakness. They whole space for me without shame or judgment, allowing me to just be. Allowing me to be whoever I may need to be.

And they are dope and they do dope things. It’s not about their careers or how much money they make or what kind of cars they drive or what kind of house they live in. My womenfriends are dope because they have good energy and positive vibes. Whenever I’m around them or with them it’s always elevation, elevation, and elevation. And church. Always a good time. ALWAYS. It’s consistent support.

I don’t think men understand what women do for each other. The community of sisterhood that we form. Men don’t allow themselves to form this type of connectedness to one another. They don’t allow themselves to be vulnerable with each other in the same way that women do. To share what’s really going in in their lives with one another so that they can hold space for each other. Men don’t know how to create that sense of community because they’ve been told that it is weak to be vulnerable and share your feelings.

For the women in my life that reflect to me the highest reflection of God. My sisters that meet me where I’m at time and time again, but never leave me. Always elevating me to new heights, exposing me to versions of myself that I was previously unaware of. Thank you. Thank you for being with me in this crazy thing called life. Thank you for be the ultimate reflection of God’s love and greatest gift. Thank you for your companionship, partnership, and just being on the ship! We are in this together and I’m so looking forward to the great things that are birthed among us.

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