The Road to Victory

In life there are the battles
and then there’s the war. The war is never ending. The war is the journey. The
battles are the different experiences that we encounter along the way. The
battles build our strength during the war; they teach us lessons to enhance our
fighting skills. We will continue to experience these battles throughout our

We all have been armed with
swords to help us win the war. Your sword is your unique gifts and talents.
Practice using your sword during every battle to build precision. The battles
are intended for us to sharpen our skills with our swords. Practice makes
perfect and every battle you face brings you one step closer to victory.

No matter what battles you
will face, you will survive; maybe with tears in your eyes, maybe a little
bruised, and maybe even a little scared, but you will live to fight another
day. After each battle you will come out with strength and conviction, stronger
and wiser than you went in. Warriors don’t lose. We live. We keep moving

Every battle is not intended
for you to win, but you must be willing to fight. Never bow down and never give
in. Life is bigger than any battle that you will face. We may not win every
battle, but we always win the war. We will always survive because we are
warriors and that is what warriors do. We fight. We win.

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