The Metamorphosis

I’ve always been fascinated with butterflies. In fact, one of my very first tattoos is of two butterflies joined together by their wings. This tattoo has always served as a reminder of one of my life goals,
self-actualization: my two-selves becoming one, my greatest self. I found that this is the journey of life that we all are experiencing, the joining together of our two-selves (ego and spirit) to become our One True Self. I used to believe that this process was linear, starting off as a fetus (egg) growing in
our mother’s womb into a baby (caterpillar) and moving through life until we enter the chrysalis phase (adolescence through young adulthood), and then finally entering adulthood (butterflies), where we’ve reached our peak and earned the right to spread our wings and fly.

Well life is not a linear process; in fact, it is more circular and continuous, like that of a roller coaster. We are continuously going through a metamorphosis and will continue this process throughout our
lifetime. It keeps happening and we continue to die of ourselves and are reborn. At each level of maturity (read: growth) we are experiencing a change in the way that we think, act, and feel. There’s a transition that takes place and we awaken to a new level of understanding that our previous self was unaware of or could not understand. We are continuously changing from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly.


As a caterpillar we are unaware of the metamorphosis process. This is the feeding stage. We gain knowledge, insight, and perspective through our experiences, interactions, and relationships with other caterpillars. We are learning and growing during this stage. We enjoy our caterpillar lives, making caterpillar friends, and enjoying life as a caterpillar. We move through life as and are content with being caterpillars.
We do not know that our life as a caterpillar will soon come to an end and that we will be transformed into one of the most beautiful creatures in this world. We don’t know that there’s something to look forward to or that there’s another life waiting for us.


Caterpillars instinctively reach higher ground to find a twig or a leaf to become a pupa. This process is known as chrysalis. To the caterpillar, seemingly their life is coming to an end. It may not look like
anything is happening but a lot of changes are taking place on the inside. Growing new legs, eyes, and even wings! While all of this is taking place, the caterpillar believes that life has come to an end. At this stage the caterpillar no longer exists. Essentially the caterpillar dies of itself and is
transformed into a butterfly.


What emerges from the chrysalis, is a scared, yet beautiful butterfly. Though the butterfly now has wings, it is still incapable of flying just yet. In order for the butterfly to use what has been given during the
metamorphosis process, it has to wait for its wings to dry. Isn’t it frustrating, when you’ve been given valuable information and/or tools, but you still do not have the capability to use what has been given to you? This preparation period is extremely important! If a butterfly attempts to fly before its wings are ready, it could fall to its death. Trust your process and know where you are in life’s cycle. Soon you will be capable of taking flight without any resistance or struggle. Now that you’ve found the way to fly nothing can stand in your way.

Whether you are a caterpillar, chrysalis, or butterfly, trust the timing of the space you are in. Everything in nature has the perfect timing and soon you will transform from who you think you are into someone you
never imagined you could be. Like a caterpillar, you will transform from something small and simple into something vibrant and beautiful. We are all caterpillars transitioning into butterflies and back again. There’s growth in every phase of our life. Show gratitude and appreciation for where you are and
trust the process. If you do not already, soon you will have your wings. Fly, butterfly, fly!

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