The Lion & the Lamb

I want to be like Rihanna. Okay not really, but I would like to have her attitude. She has this unapologetic, no cares given (read: well you know) attitude that I admire. I used to have this same attitude during my late teens, early twenties; however I did not yet grasp the ability to finesse such a powerful attitude. Let me explain. I approached life with the heart of a lion, willing to tear down and eat up anything that entered into my Kingdom that wasn’t to my liking. I was fearless, brave, and unkind.

Unfortunately this extreme approach towards the world resulted in reckless behavior and broken relationships. I previously wrote about how I lost friends and even family all due to this “My World, My Way” attitude. I was selfish, narcissistic, and careless. It’s one thing to be a lion, but another to recognize that once you step on and over everything that you are left alone, fending for yourself. I had become the lion that turned even on my own pride. I do not regret this time in my life though because I learned a very valuable lesson. I learned the importance of balance.

Being selfish is not a completely terrible thing. We cannot give to others while neglecting our own being. There needs to be a balance between selfishness and selflessness. Love of self is immensely important to life’s journey; however it should never be at the expense of hurting anyone else.The world is a tough place and wolves in sheep’s clothing will always be lurking near by. This does not give us permission to growl and snare in defensive, but instead we can choose to gracefully recognize these individuals for who they are and deal with them accordingly.

We do not have to make a choice between being a lion or a lamb, but instead can choose to have the attitude of a lion with the heart of a lamb. It’s through this emergence of spirit that I found my sense of groundness and being. The only way we can be of service to both ourselves and others is through a balance of love: love of self and others. We can choose to be the lion and the lamb.

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