The Importance of Stillness
On a Tuesday

I’ve been feeling very unmotivated over the past few weeks. After finishing a big project, I’ve become lackadaisical.

I said that I would give myself a few days off, but instead, I ending up taking two weeks off.

I wanted to give myself time for rest, reflection, and relaxation but didn’t think that it would require two weeks away from work.

During that time I was able to make some insightful revelations about myself, my journey, and where I’m heading.

Time in stillness is so important when working towards your dreams.

It provides space for reflection, accountability, and transformation.

Mediation is one of my favorite forms of reflection.

Recently I started spending thirty minutes daily in meditation to increase my self-awareness.

I joined a friend for meditation over the weekend for my first meditation class and here’s what I discovered about myself just from the one meditation class.

I don’t like hard work. When things get hard, I welcome the distraction to take the easy way out. 

I thought this was an insightful reflection, particularly because it’s one that hadn’t come up for me before.

I’ve been meditating every day for the past several months and it took one meditation class for this insight to be revealed to me.

Why was that?

I wasn’t allowing myself to get outside of my comfort zone in my meditation practice.

Before then, I’d never meditated in a group setting before other than with one person.

I also don’t particularly favor breathing meditation so it was challenging for me to work on my breath work during the meditation class.

As the facilitator was instructing us to breathe in and breath out to the count of 7, I noticed that after 3 cycles, I would give in and welcome in the rush of my thoughts.

I was grateful for the gentle reminder to “return to your breath if you’ve gotten away from the practice” but it was frustrating that I kept getting distracted.

Until I realized, I wanted the distraction. I didn’t want to do the breath work. It was hard.

When I set the intention to focus on my breath I was able to deepen my awareness and more insights were revealed to me.

What distractions are you welcoming in your life?

Your distractions will keep you from moving forward in your life.

Allowing yourself just five or ten minutes in stillness every day will improve your life drastically.

There are many things that we devote our time to like our children, our partners, our studies, even television, cell phones, and social media.

When was the last time you’ve dedicated time to being with your Self in stillness?

The thing standing between you and your next step is waiting for you in stillness.

Spend some time today in meditation and see what you discover. I’d love to hear from you.

Ready to take the next step? Start now.


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