The Future is Now
Start Planning for It

I’ve seen a ton of memes saying that the most useless purchase of 2019 was a planner. I chuckle inside.

A planner has been my best kept asset as I adjust to this new normal. Not having a plan, throws my life off balance. Trying to operate without a plan makes me feel like I’m walking blindly.

Life started to present a ton of opportunities (because I’m now choosing to see all experiences of life as opportunities) for me to face. Working at the funeral home, managing the businesses, completing client work, writing, reading, homeschooling, feeding, nursing, washing, the list goes on.

I know as a Mama you can relate. As I struggle to remain focus on working towards my goals, I started to feel like I wanted to quit. I started to question if it was worth it. I kept thinking, “what is this all really for?”

Then I remembered that life is a series of peaks and valleys. It ebbs and flow. While things may seem to be tumultuous and chaotic, we have the capacity to adjust to the current of life.

Creating a plan helps to deal with the challenges, setbacks, and disappointments that have occurred.

The ebbs and flows of life will never stop. Our current experience is just one example of the many ways our life changes over time. We must always be willing to adjust to our current circumstances and rise to the occasion to respond accordingly.

Put your faith into action by stepping outside of your comfort zone and facing your challenges. To move beyond your current experience of life create a plan.

You can’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you are heading.

The biggest change I’ve helped clients with is time management.

I’ve found we spend a great deal of time pondering on the plan instead of actually executing it.

We spend far more time focusing on all the things we want to accomplish instead of the one or two top-level goals.

This is counter-intuitive and overwhelming.

Time management refers to the prudent and optimally use of time in the aim to achieve targeted goals within a set time. Time management will help you to make the best possible use of your time.

If you are aspiring to be successful in achieving your goals then you must become efficient with how you use your time. Achieving powerful time management skills can be an uphill battle, if you do not manage time well.

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful is how time is managed. Even the most successful people who have families, careers, businesses, etc. have all found a way to manage their time efficiently and effectively to accomplish their goals.

What are the best skills for managing your time?

We tend to think time management is a solo skill and so we attempt to improve the skill on our own. Well, that is akin to treating a football team as a one-player game. Just like a football team cannot succeed with only one player, the management of time cannot also yield fruits on its own. It is dependent on certain skills and personal values to succeed:

Plan and set your goals correctly.
The most pleasing outcome is realizing you have acquired the ability to use your time in a manner that helps you to achieve your goals. Therefore to acquire the measurement parameter you must have well planned and outlined goals. How will you know whether you are using your time properly if you don’t know what you are supposed to do at that time? It is very essential to clearly understand what you want to focus your time on.

Prioritize each of your key responsibilities.
You may realize that some responsibilities can wait up to the next day while some need urgent attention. Starting with the one with a longer deadline may not be rational at all. You need to understand or set deadlines and therefore work towards meeting the deadlines. Challenge yourself to meet the deadlines and probably reward yourself when you meet the deadlines.


There are some areas of your life you can delegate to achieve your desired outcomes. Delegating is an essential skill set when it comes to achieving your goals. These skills work best when there is a collective goal such as in a business or family. However, you should supervise the work keenly to ensure that it meets your goals. Delegation will help to avoid emotional distress that may arise from overworking and lacking quality personal time. If you desire to maximize your productivity, you must be flexible to work with people and harness the power of synergy.


Lack of time is not the problem to succeeding your goals, lack of direction is. Regardless of how well you’ve set your goals there will always be goal distractors. Focus is a very vital skill and destructive if you lack it. How many times have you planned an activity and some friends call you for a hangout and you cease continuing with the activity? You need to overcome all the distractions in order to meet your deadlines. All the time you have allocated for a particular task must be used towards achieving the task. To achieve this, work towards achieving one task at a time. Multitasking can distract your efforts and lower the quality of your work.

Avoid procrastination

Procrastination can result in wasting quality time and energy. Embracing procrastination will lead to the accumulation of tasks until you find yourself in a fixed time schedule. You should avoid procrastination at all costs as it can be a major setback towards your goals and lifestyle plan. It is better to rest when you have met all your targets and have planned for it.

Audit your time.

Self-evaluation is very important in staying on your toes. Auditing your time will enable you to evaluate how well you are managing your time and to identify the possible setbacks that are limiting you to proper management of your time. This will help to maintain a steady habit of time management and gradually adopt good time management skills.

Effective time management skills is key to living a successful life. As you begin to use the above skills you’ll realize the importance of this skill set, although it can be challenging to maintain. Always remember it’s not about increasing the quality of work but completing the most important tasks at the right time.

Therefore, when planning and setting your goals, make sure that you understand the meanings for wanting to achieve them. Each decision should be based on what you are inspiring to achieve thus; make your time serve your needs. It is also very important to set realistic timelines for achieving your goals. Some goals will require more time than others.

What is your plan for your future?

The way to begin working towards your future is planning for it.

The things you plan for and work towards will ultimately be the things you create.

Where do you see yourself one-year from now?

Ready to create a lifestyle design plan? Start here.

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