The Expert Within

We are all born into this world alone. Not a single person can say that they were born into the world with another, not even sets of twins. Life has been individually gift wrapped for each of us to create individual experiences with collaborative interactions in order to build our stories. Your life is your story. It is for you to experience the fullness of what it means to be a human being. With this experience of life comes the responsibility of making hard choices.

While it is good to seek counsel from others, the choices and decisions we have to make for our lives are our own. We have to become experts in our own lives, instead of relying on the thoughts and opinions of others. People try to prevent you from making choices that they view as “bad” because they want to protect you. The choices that we have to make in life, whether good or bad are yours to make. There are some things in life that you can only learn through experience. So if taking that job, moving to a different state, or deciding to go back to school end up being what others may view as a “bad choice,” you should look at it as a lesson.


When people discourage you from making choices in your life, listen, hear their opinions, but trust your instincts. Do not allow their opinions of your situation to influence your decision-making. If the outcome of your decision is not a favorable one, learn from the experience and move past it. We cannot learn the lessons of life if we are being held back from enrolling in the class. Take a seat in the school of life. Allow yourself to make some “bad choices.” You will find that every good or bad thing always lead to the perfect outcome.

You are living your life for you. Trust yourself. The decisions that you are making for your life are shaping your future experiences and building your confidence in yourself. If you feel that you’ve made a wrong turn or end up in a space that you feel is a mistake, it is okay. Make a different choice. There are no mistakes in life, only lessons. Class is in session. Are you paying attention? Listen. Trust the voice within. This is your expert. This is your guide.

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