The Dreamer

There are two types of people in this world. There are the dreamers and then there’s everyone else. The dreamer understands that there are two worlds that we live in. The so-called “real world” and the dream world. The dreamer spends lot of time in the dream world, creating and envisioning their heart’s deepest desires. Everyone else has no faith in the dream world. They’ve lost faith in their dreams and do not believe that their dreams will ever come true.

The dreamer understands the difference between them and everyone else. The dreamer knows that their dream will come true if they believe in it. They do not listen to the naysayers that tell them their dreams will never happen. Dreamers believe that anything is possible. Nothing is too hard or too big for a dreamer. A dreamers motto is “If I can dream it, then I definitely can achieve it.” Dreamers put their faith into action. They understand that they cannot spend all of their time dreaming without doing the work to create their dreams and expect results.

Look at how far the world has come because of the beliefs of dreamers. We’ve moved from the industrial age to entering into the height of the technologically age. We now have the capability of communicating with people around the world, traveling to many places in the world, and can even enter into virtual realities. These are all things that people once believed were impossible, but because someone believed they could happen, they created it and made it possible.

There are endless possibilities for us in this world. Don’t be stuck in the practical world, believing that your heart’s desires are impossible. God placed that vision in your heart before you were born so that it can cultivate and grow inside of you. Now is the time to awaken the dreamer in you. Refuse to accept the notion that dreams do not come true. As long as you believe it, then anything in this world is possible. The life you are dreaming about is waiting for you to create it. Don’t just dream it, create it!

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