The Crown

Lately on social media there has been a lot of memes referencing Queens. A quick scroll through my timelines will reveal loads of #blackgirlmagic and #blackqueens professing that ‘Queens fix Queens crowns.” I despise this notion that as women there is something that needs to be fixed and that we can fix for one another. To fix implies that there is something that is broken or out of place. Why is it that when we go through daily life stressors that there’s a stigma that comes along with it. That we are made to feel weakened or less than for being vulnerable and going through real life shit.

Perhaps we need to change the way in which we look at vulnerability. When we experience difficult times in life, like raising a child alone or battling depression, these are just moments. We shouldn’t judge or label these moments because we all go through them. While they may be difficult, seemingly unbearable while we are experiencing them, there is nothing damaged about us. During those difficult moments, it’s not our responsibility to fix each other’s crowns. In those moments when we are feeling broken, beaten down, and trodden, we need to be rejuvenated.

It is our responsibility as Queens to reflect lightness and wholeness to one another, especially during moments of darkness. We should be reassuring and encouraging, reflecting the greatness that is within. In Solange’s album, A Seat at the Table, she echoes the beauty of our strength in the midst of chaos. That we are magic even during our moments of darkness. It is during these moments that we find and use our greatest strength. These are the moments that make us Queens.

Though we are indeed magic, there are times when are powers are running low. These are the moments that we need to be rejuvenated and as Queens it is our responsibility to reflect that light and wholeness to one another, especially in our moments of darkness. Our crowns aren’t broken and we do not need to fix it. Our crowns are always there, maybe a little crooked, perhaps even cracked, but always in position. We are always on the throne.

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