The Blueprint

This is not my plan, but God’s plan. I have accepted it, I live it, and I’m walking in my truth. This is my journey, but it’s not for me. It is building my testimony so that I am able to inspire and uplift you to remain steadfast on your journey, so that you will know that it is not by my own power and strength, but by God’s. He is guiding me, protecting me, building me, strengthening me, keeping me, holding me, and letting me know that everything will be okay. He’s doing the same thing for you.

Life does not always happen according to the plans. We can make detailed plans for our lives, but somehow things always seem to rear off course. Every plan that I ever had for my life never happened the way that I planned it so I stopped planning. Then I had this miraculous epiphany that things were happening just as they were suppose to. I do not have to make any plans because they are already created for me. All I need to do is follow.


When life happens to you good, bad, or indifferent, you have to accept it. Once you decide to relinquish your perceived power and invite the Higher Power into your life, your visions and dreams will be created for you. All you have to do is walk towards it each day. We are not alone in our quest for greatness. God is always with us, protecting us and guiding us.  

You are not the architect in your life you are the designer. The architect draws the blueprints the designer builds the masterpiece. Having plans for your life does not mean that they will go accordingly. We have a plan A, a plan B, all the way right through Z. Stop making unrealistic plans for your life and then ditching those plans to create new ones. Instead ask for direction and guidance so that you may work towards creating your masterpiece. Your life is the masterpiece! Consult with the architect so that your vision is not flawed or delayed. Ditch the plans, find the blueprint!

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