7 Useful Ways to Use Technology with Purpose

I am addicted to my phone. I can’t live without it. It is always in my hand. Or near me. I check it often. Way more than I should.

From text messages to emails, on Facebook or playing music, I find any reason to be on my phone.

Even though I keep it on silent to avoid obsessively grabbing it whenever I receive a notification, I think this has had adverse effects because I still find myself checking my phone more than I care to.

My sister-friend shared a video from 2016 with Simon Sinek, author of the book Start With Why, talking about millennials in the workplace. He believes that the number one problem with millennials is our upbringing.

He says that “poor parenting has caused us to believe that we are somehow special,” This is where I started to become defensive and think ’this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.’

The more I listened, I started to understand and even agree with his perception of millennials. Though I disagree with the notion that too many millennials are focused on finding purpose, I do believe that our addiction to our technology and social media has created a disconnection in our relationship systems.

I believe social media has made it harder for us to communicate to one another on a soul-to-soul level and to gain understanding above all else.

I saw a post on social media that read:

The biggest communication problem is that we don’t listen to understand. We listen to reply”

-Stephen R. Covey”

Simon Sinek suggests that social media has negatively impacted the ways that we communicate, engage, and connect with each other.

All of our attention has been drawn to receiving likes so much so that even when we are out to dinner, we spend more time on our phones than we do talking to each other, enjoying the meal, and having a real conversation.

Or worse, talking about other people’s lives like celebrities that we don’t know or have any real bond. Instead of using technology to ineffective, unproductive ways. We can find useful ways to improve our productivity, awareness, and wisdom.


7 Useful Ways to Use Technology with Purpose

  1. Research: How do you find out what you don’t know you don’t know? You research. My family makes fun of me for always Googling everything, but I’m a researcher by nature. I am forever a student and love to learn. Don’t ever stop learning.
  2. Practice: Implement the knowledge that you are gaining from your areas of study. Just because you went to school to be a lawyer, does not mean that you should only study law. How small-minded and unenthusiastic is that type of thinking? A lawyer should have a plethora of resources in her tool belt and should not only speak the tongue of law. It is wise for students to be versatile in many languages and subjects. One can only learn through practice.
  3. Vibe: Using technology to listen to music is always a good thing. I love to put on a good playlist and vibe. We all have our go-to playlist when we want to get things done. Turn on your jams and zone out, but don’t get distractions and find yourself aimlessly scrolling through your social media pages while you listen to the jams. Stay focused and eliminate all distractions. This is a must.
  4. Connect: There are times that it’s nice to connect with family and friends on social media. I’m not saying to be a hermit. Identify scheduled times that you will check in on social media, update statuses, comment, etc. Ideally not more than three times a day. Connect only when you need to.
  5. Create: This is the single most effective way to utilize technology. Creativity is the gateway to the soul. There are so many innovative ways that you can utilize technology to create something magical. Want to write a song, download Notation Pad, thinking of starting a podcast, download Podbean, want to write a book, check out Pressbooks. There’s a ton of resources for you to use to be creative and let your imagination run wild.
  6. Fun: Of course watch your favorite T.V shows or play games or whatever source of entertainment that you enjoy. It’s okay to have fun, just not all the time. I’ve stopped watching T.V. I know this sounds crazy, but I only watch when visiting someone’s house. Minimize your use of technology and social media for fun and watch your productivity increase exponentially.
  7. Share: As always, share what you’ve learned. Whenever you gain a new insight, deeper understanding, meaningful way of viewing the world. Share it with anyone who’s willing to listen via social media or otherwise. You have wisdom that the world needs to know.
What are some useful ways you utilize technology and social media? I’d love to hear from you!
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