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Free Yourself

In a previous post, The Road to Victory, I wrote about the continuous war that we experience along life’s journey. I did not mention in this post is that this war is an internal battle that takes place within our minds. These battles of the mind are not physical experiences, though it may often seem that way. We are presented with choices in a such a way that allows for us to make our own decisions (free will). Some people continue to make the same choices, taking the easy way out, doing what they’ve always done, and expect to get different results. These people have yet to recognize the instant of their behavior. They have not freed themselves from the bondage of the mind.
The mind is a very complex factor that we do not yet fully understand as human beings. Our minds play tricks on us, working for and against

Elevating Exchanges

Every interaction that we enter into is an exchange of energy. Our bodies are human vessels that harness the energies that we come into contact with on a daily basis. When we share space with people, we unconsciously give them permission to infect us with their energy and vice versa. Energy attracts energy. We are drawn to people based on the vibrational frequency that their bodies emit. Interactions are created based on our attraction and/or repulsion to another person’s energy. Thus, we create exchanges of energies with everyone that we connect with.
When we enter into this exchange of energy one of three things can occur. First, there can be an mutual exchange of energy. In this interaction each person feels either refueled or depleted depending on the energy levels of the people involved in the exchange. If there are two positive energy people engaging in an interaction, both people will

Mommy Dearest

There’s no greater relationship than the one between a mother and her child. From the forming of an egg into a fetus, growing rapidly in your mother’s womb, this was the first relationship you experienced even before entering into this world. A mother’s voice is the first sound a fetus hears from the womb. It is perhaps the sweetest sound we know during our earlier stages of development. As we continue to grow and move through the different stages of development throughout our lifespan, the mother-child relationship changes.  
Most of us experience the regretful phase between adolescence and young adulthood, where we rebel terribly against our mothers. During this phase we feel as though we know everything and our mothers know nothing. We proclaim that the times are different and that the lessons our mothers are attempting to teach us are ancient and outdated. That is, until we reach a