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Love Yours

Money makes the world go round, well at least that is what people like to say. It is the thing that some people life, work, and die for. Many people believe that by having more money their lives will be better. They convince themselves into believing all the problems in their life will be solved if they had more money. While money may provide temporary solutions to current life struggles, money does not, will not, and cannot be a remedy to internal pain and suffering. That type of healing must come from within.
Money is not the solution to our problems, our relationship to money is the problem. We have developed an internalized belief that money solves everything. We have yet to realized that the more we focus on money, the further away we move from our true purpose and happiness. We place too much value on money and once we

How are you?

It is a phrase that is spoken perhaps more than a billion times per day; however we rarely stop to reflect on the true meaning of the question. “How are you” has become a conversation starter or polite greeting but we never expect to hear a truthful response. Sometimes we don’t even wait for the general one-word response before our minds are racing on to the next thing. There is no value placed on the state of another human being. Our communication has become screwed and in many ways this masked communication has prevented authenticity and honesty from existing in our relationships.
For a week straight, I responded as honest as possible when I was asked “How are you?” I even managed to explain my melancholy mood on an off day; however the responses I received were cliché and apathetic to say the least. I was met with indifference and awkward

Never Stop

At some point in all of our lives we were afforded the opportunity to sit in a classroom and be taught by a teacher. The teacher’s responsibility was to educate us on things that we were not yet knowledgeable of or needed to master skills in. As we moved through our schooling years, each grade level added on to the knowledge that we received from the previous years. That is, until we reached the highest level of our learning experience and adopted the notion that our educational experience was completed.
Most people do not consider furthering their education upon completion of their formal schooling. They feel that they’ve learned all they need to know and that there’s not much more that needs to be gained. Formal education only provides us with the basic tools that we need
to survive, but we don’t just want to survive, we want to thrive.
Thriving requires seeking out


Life is filled with many twists and turns. We never know the direction our life is headed. We often have predictions, daydreams, and fantasies about our future, but we never know for sure what the future holds. This is the spontaneity of life. We are not supposed to know the destination. Life is only intended for us to enjoy the journey.
As children we started off with this understanding of life, valuing the precious moments that life granted us, but as we got older we started to rush through life. During earlier years in your life, you may recall saying, “I can’t wait to be [insert any age of your choice]” and then each year it changed. We never could  wait until our desired age came about, until one day we finally stopped wishing for the future and started yearning for the past moments.

When you were younger life seemed

Anybody Home?

Anytime that I traveled away from home, there would be a yearning in my heart to return. I would experience an uncomfortable feeling as if something was missing that I’d wished I had with me. This would happen every single time that I was away from home, until I discovered that home is what you make of it. Home is more than a physical place where we lay down to rest at night. It is not just where we live, it is who we are.
Home is a sacred space of love, peace, and comfort. We create the space for our homes to exist within us. This sacred space is created through our daily interactions and experiences. The wood and tools that we use to create this sacred space is a collection of our family, friends, memories, laughter, and love. So that when we live from the physical space, we

Moving Forward

Every day with the raising of the sun, we have an opportunity to do something different than we did the day before. Yesterday is gone and will never be again. Though things may appear to be the same, there have been physical changes that have occurred, we are a day older, and perhaps a day wiser. Today we’ve been given a fresh 24 hours to create a day of our choice. Instead of focusing on what could have been done differently yesterday, last month, or even last year, we should focus our efforts on making wiser choices today.
Many of us continue to find ourselves stuck in the past, replaying in our minds choices that we no longer have any control over. The circumstances that we’ve gone through in our past were intended for us to learn from, so that when we find ourselves in similar situations we can make different

One Big Transition

We all undergo multiple transitions throughout our lifetimes. From embryo to fetus, from newborn to toddler, and on and on until we reach old age and await our final transition from physical into spiritual form. These are all physical transitions and only reflect the outward layers of transformation that we withstand as human beings. There are many other transitions that we endure including spiritual transformation, emotional, mental, psychological, financial, etc. Regardless of which transitional phase we go through in life, the process of transition is the same for us all.
There are an array of emotions that are associated with the transitional phases of life. Some emotions that we experience during the process of transition are anxiety, denial, regret, and depression. During these moments it may seem as if the transition is never ending and that we will never survive this phase of our life. The pain is unbearable and often

Just Trust

Life calls us to make very difficult decisions; perhaps quitting a job, ending a relationship, or even setting boundaries with a friend. These are difficult choices to make and are not always easy. There were times in my life that I would hold off on making important decisions because I felt that I couldn’t trust myself. I would seek counsel from friends and family members; however I would still make the choice that I felt was best for me.
The problem was that I couldn’t trust myself. Though I wasn’t consciously aware of this fact, in hindsight, I was very impulsive and reckless. I hadn’t yet learned how to trust myself and ended up making terrible choices. I would say that I could feel it in my heart, but the truth was I had confused my heart with my emotions. Emotions are the worst indicator for decision-making. Listening to our

Being MINDful

There is this voice inside of our head. It tells us what it
thinks about us. Sometimes this voice is our best friend, full of encouraging thoughts,
motivation, and wisdom. During these times our thoughts flow freely with
positivity, good energy, and it is easy to get lost in our thoughts. Unfortunately, our thoughts are not always so
positive. There are times when the voice inside our head is self-destructive,
hateful, and pessimistic. It invades our minds with negativity and brings with
it feelings of fear, guilt, and shame.
We believe it when this voice tells us that we are not good
enough. The same voice that encouraged you to take the new job or go back to
school is now the same voice that is telling you, “You don’t deserve to be
here.” We start to identify with the thoughts being produced by this voice and it
prevents us from walking towards the very thing it put us into.