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Love Yours

Money makes the world go round, well at least that is what people like to say. It is the thing that some people life, work, and die for. Many people believe that by having more money their lives will be better. They convince themselves into believing all the problems in their life will be solved if they had more money. While money may provide temporary solutions to current life struggles, money does not, will not, and cannot be a remedy to internal pain and suffering. That type of healing must come from within.
Money is not the solution to our problems, our relationship to money is the problem. We have developed an internalized belief that money solves everything. We have yet to realized that the more we focus on money, the further away we move from our true purpose and happiness. We place too much value on money and once we

The Climb

In life there are peaks and valleys. We ebb and flow between the two throughout our life span. The peaks in our life are moments of celebration for the work that we’ve put in. It is a time to rejoice and to enjoy the happiness of the moment because it is only a moment. With every peak, there is a valley waiting for us around the corner. Our valley moments are humbling experiences that bring us down to remind us of the struggles of life. They present a trial for us to overcome in order to reach a much higher peak.
You can view this process like climbing a mountain. Mountains have different peaks and valleys as you climb to the top. You may climb to one peak only to discover that in order to reach the next highest point, you have to go back down in order to climb up

Moving Forward

Every day with the raising of the sun, we have an opportunity to do something different than we did the day before. Yesterday is gone and will never be again. Though things may appear to be the same, there have been physical changes that have occurred, we are a day older, and perhaps a day wiser. Today we’ve been given a fresh 24 hours to create a day of our choice. Instead of focusing on what could have been done differently yesterday, last month, or even last year, we should focus our efforts on making wiser choices today.
Many of us continue to find ourselves stuck in the past, replaying in our minds choices that we no longer have any control over. The circumstances that we’ve gone through in our past were intended for us to learn from, so that when we find ourselves in similar situations we can make different

Being MINDful

There is this voice inside of our head. It tells us what it
thinks about us. Sometimes this voice is our best friend, full of encouraging thoughts,
motivation, and wisdom. During these times our thoughts flow freely with
positivity, good energy, and it is easy to get lost in our thoughts. Unfortunately, our thoughts are not always so
positive. There are times when the voice inside our head is self-destructive,
hateful, and pessimistic. It invades our minds with negativity and brings with
it feelings of fear, guilt, and shame.
We believe it when this voice tells us that we are not good
enough. The same voice that encouraged you to take the new job or go back to
school is now the same voice that is telling you, “You don’t deserve to be
here.” We start to identify with the thoughts being produced by this voice and it
prevents us from walking towards the very thing it put us into.

This Moment

Your life will never be more than it is at this present
moment. If you are not happy with your life right now, no amount of money,
fame, or fortune has the power to change that. We do not get to some magical
finish line and then *pow* life
is great. This is the common misconception about life. We convince ourselves
that once we accomplish our goals, our lives will be better. When, in fact, we
continue to acquire new goals and strive to reach new heights after each goal
is accomplished. Success is a never-ending hamster wheel. Being “successful”
does not mean that the cares of this world will be caste away.
We create so much anxiety for ourselves, thinking about how
we will get through the next thing, and then the next thing. We lose sight of
what’s really important by focusing our attention on what’s to come. Whether
it’s the next hour, the next day, or some date