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Yoga Saved My Life

I know that’s a huge statement to make and I don’t mean it in a cliché, hippie sort of way. I mean literally and figuratively, yoga saved my life. I am a very anxious person. Although I might not present as someone who is always anxious, there’s always a consistent ball of anxiety sitting in my chest. My mind is constantly racing and sometimes I can’t keep up with myself. I talk fast, I move faster and so I’m always talking, moving, and thinking fast. I’m also easily distracted within all of that. So basically I’m a big mess in my head and I’m always all over the place. I needed to still my mind so that I could focus and be more present, not just for me, but for my husband, daughter, family, and friends.
So I started doing yoga. When I first started doing yoga, I was only focused

Much Love

Last week my womanfriend and I were having a conversation about friendships and how our friendship has changed over the years. We’ve been friends since college and although there were periods of time that we didn’t speak as much, we always picked back up right where we left off. Each time engaging in elevating and stimulating conversation, that reminded us just why we are friends. We are always there for each other and we know that we can rely on one another regardless of where we are in life. We recognized, though, that all friendships aren’t created equal.
There are some friendships that aren’t built to withstand the busy spells, mood swings, and distant phases that come along as a result of adulting in life. Sometimes distance is created in friendships in order to elevate the progression of both individuals. I know I wasn’t always able to hold space for friends when

Surviving Marriage

All the statistics show that I should be divorced by now. And it’s not like I haven’t thought about it. I’m sure at some point every married person has thought about it or will think about it. If anyone says otherwise I would think they are lying. Marriage is hard work. It’s not like any other relationship I’ve ever been in. At 29 years old, entering into a marriage at 8 months pregnant was insane. On top of the emotional instability that comes along with pregnancy, it was a tumultuous time in our marriage, when it was supposed to be a time of bliss.
My husband and I were struggling with our new roles as mom and dad, when we had yet to solidify our roles as husband and wife. I also was not the nicest person during my pregnancy. It was a difficult transition and one that I wasn’t sure

I’m Listening God

God boxed me into a corner to beat me up four times this past week. On my way to yoga class I was procrastinating, knowing that I needed to go but wasn’t moving to prepare to go. Once I realized that I was going to be late, I was really upset about it. Until I realized that if I was going to be late, it was my fault for waiting until the last minute to get ready. I failed to prepare properly and as a result, I wasn’t going to get the outcome that I wanted because of my own poor judgment. When this came to me, I thought, “Okay, God, I hear you!”
That is what happened the first time around with the blog. I was procrastinating, thinking that something miraculous and profound would just come to me. I was waiting for the perfect moment to write, but refusing to

Social Privacy

Over the weekend my husband and I celebrated our daughter’s 1st birthday. It was also the first time I shared that I had a daughter on social media. When we found out that I was pregnant, we knew that we didn’t want to announce it on social media. At the time, we were already engaged and had not made a big announcement on social media. Only our closest friends and family knew of our engagement so of course our pregnancy wouldn’t be any different. I asked my mother how she announced her pregnancy to people when she was expecting with me.
I’m a very private person and didn’t want our good news to be shared with 1500+ people that I really didn’t know and that didn’t really know me. It was a personal, intimate, and very special moment in my life and I wanted to share the news with those that

Love Yours

Money makes the world go round, well at least that is what people like to say. It is the thing that some people life, work, and die for. Many people believe that by having more money their lives will be better. They convince themselves into believing all the problems in their life will be solved if they had more money. While money may provide temporary solutions to current life struggles, money does not, will not, and cannot be a remedy to internal pain and suffering. That type of healing must come from within.
Money is not the solution to our problems, our relationship to money is the problem. We have developed an internalized belief that money solves everything. We have yet to realized that the more we focus on money, the further away we move from our true purpose and happiness. We place too much value on money and once we

How are you?

It is a phrase that is spoken perhaps more than a billion times per day; however we rarely stop to reflect on the true meaning of the question. “How are you” has become a conversation starter or polite greeting but we never expect to hear a truthful response. Sometimes we don’t even wait for the general one-word response before our minds are racing on to the next thing. There is no value placed on the state of another human being. Our communication has become screwed and in many ways this masked communication has prevented authenticity and honesty from existing in our relationships.
For a week straight, I responded as honest as possible when I was asked “How are you?” I even managed to explain my melancholy mood on an off day; however the responses I received were cliché and apathetic to say the least. I was met with indifference and awkward

Stand in Peace

There is a war going on in America. It’s not just a racial war, as so many of us would like to believe, it is a war against class. Money is the motivation of the system. Money is what fuels capitalism and keeps the system standing. If you want to fight the system, you need to fight the system with money. By changing your relationship with money, how you spend it, and invest it, you can create economic wealth for yourself and your community (if you choose) and negatively impact the foundation of the system; however we do not need to fight the system, we need to circumvent it.
The only way that we can circumvent the system is by choosing to stand in peace. True peace is absence of anger, hatred, revenge, violence, and negativity. Anger begets anger, violence begets violence, and negativity begets negativity. If we continue to

Say Hello

Say hello to the old me. The scared me. The hurt me. The loud me. The abused me. The fierce me. The brave me. The doubtful me. The reckless me. The tired me. The ambitious me. The passionate me. The heartbroken me. The innocent  me. The depressed me. The mischievous me. The immature me. The fed up me. The me I used to be.
Say hello to the fearful me. The motivated me. The persistent me. The drive me. The pessimistic me. The shy me. The unforgiving me. The wounded me. The envious me. The dishonest me. The frightened me. The heart-breaker me. The irrational me. The jealous me. The narrow-minded me. The judgmental me. The fragile me. The available me. The me I pretended to be.

Say hello to the agreeable me. The sensitive me. The frank me. The controlling me. The impatient me. The intrusive me. The cruel me. The

Get Off the Fence

There is this space called limbo, where many of us will spend a great deal of time straddling the fence between good enough and greatness. In this space, we become content with who we are, we do not believe that there is more to be accomplished, and we settle. Many people will continue to live in limbo, fearful of making any significant changes, while others will choose to step out in faith to walk towards their greatness.  
When you choose to walk in greatness, nothing can nor will stand in your way. The Universe will turn walls into doors for you to walk through. You cannot climb through the window trying to get to the next phase of your life. There are no shortcuts in life. It is a journey. Your experiences, choices, interactions, reactions, relationships, etc. make up the story of your life. You will continue to be flooded