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The Metamorphosis

I’ve always been fascinated with butterflies. In fact, one of my very first tattoos is of two butterflies joined together by their wings. This tattoo has always served as a reminder of one of my life goals,
self-actualization: my two-selves becoming one, my greatest self. I found that this is the journey of life that we all are experiencing, the joining together of our two-selves (ego and spirit) to become our One True Self. I used to believe that this process was linear, starting off as a fetus (egg) growing in
our mother’s womb into a baby (caterpillar) and moving through life until we enter the chrysalis phase (adolescence through young adulthood), and then finally entering adulthood (butterflies), where we’ve reached our peak and earned the right to spread our wings and fly.
Well life is not a linear process; in fact, it is more circular and continuous, like that of a roller