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I’m Listening God

God boxed me into a corner to beat me up four times this past week. On my way to yoga class I was procrastinating, knowing that I needed to go but wasn’t moving to prepare to go. Once I realized that I was going to be late, I was really upset about it. Until I realized that if I was going to be late, it was my fault for waiting until the last minute to get ready. I failed to prepare properly and as a result, I wasn’t going to get the outcome that I wanted because of my own poor judgment. When this came to me, I thought, “Okay, God, I hear you!”
That is what happened the first time around with the blog. I was procrastinating, thinking that something miraculous and profound would just come to me. I was waiting for the perfect moment to write, but refusing to

Hard to Be Different

Last night, BET premiered the 10th Annual Black Girls Rock Awards show. During her acceptance of the Rock Star award, Rihanna encouraged girls to love themselves and accept who they are. Oh, if it was so easy!? Most people don’t even have insight into who they are in order to love themselves. In fact, many people reject parts of themselves out of fear of rejection, ridicule, and shame. Instead we turn a blind eye to the not-so likable parts of ourselves in order to be accepted for someone that we are not. In order to fully love ourselves, we must first recognize and acknowledge the good with the bad.
Unfortunately, we all were born into a world that sends contradictory messages about what it means to be you. We say that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but what really matters is on the outside. Whole groups of people are

Work for the Soul

Over the past few months several people have talked to me about their grave dissatisfaction with their work (read: job). They were frustrated, fed-up, and just down-right sick and tired. Their jobs were no longer providing a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that it did when they first started working there. Gone are the days of lunch break chats, friendly conversations, and positive vibes, now people are experiencing mandatory overtime, gossiping and backstabbing co-workers, and drained energy and productivity.
These people weren’t simply complaining about not liking their jobs, they were speaking to the harsh demands of their workplace environment without any incentive or appreciation for the work they were producing. This awakening is happening not only on an individual basis, but also collectively. As a human race, we are experiencing a collective shift in our consciousness and rising to the awareness of our soul’s purpose. No longer are we satisfied

Collective Beings

Life is this very intricate concept that is impossible to master and understand. Though we’ve all entered into this complex loop individually, we entered into the human existence collectively. Over time as we’ve moved through our human existence, we’ve lost sight of the collectiveness that exists within the individual. We no longer live by the philosophy, ‘‘it takes a village to raise a child” but instead have adopted the phrase, “I’m all about self.” This ‘self’ has become the most monumental being of our human existence. We feed it, validate it, clothe it, and love it. This ’self’ has joined together with other ‘selves’ to create a community of individualistic thought patterns with an illusion of collectiveness.
We’ve segregated ourselves into cliques, squads, posses, and teams. We’ve made it cool to exclude those that are different from us and that don’t fit into our group. We’ve blurred the lines of

I Am Everybody. Everybody Is Me.

In life, we all go through different trials and tribulations. Some of us may struggle with addictions, others with mental illnesses, or some with life’s daily stressors. Though the circumstances of life may appear to be different, our experiences of these circumstances are all the same. We often forget how our choices and behaviors could have led us down a different path than the one we are currently on. Instead we judge others for the choices that they’ve made and make statements that belittle and isolate them from our human experience.
We forget that we are not perfect and blameless. We judge people for living a life differently from our own without recognizing that we were one decision away from living the life of the person we are judging and looking down on. We once struggled with something in our lives, made a bad decision, or ended up in the

Law of Life

Many people are caught between who they are and the person they want to be. In this gap, there’s a struggle between the ego and the spirit. Our ego has a desire to hold on to our old ways of being, doing, and thinking, while our spirit is eager to explore the abundance of possibilities that exist in a space we have yet to discover. During this time, an essential change occurs and we have an opportunity to let go of our past in order to walk towards the future.
Our foundations are shaken to create new grounding and stability occurs only if we are willing to adapt to this change. Unfortunately, while many of us may accept change, we don’t always like it. We get set into our routines, we become comfortable with our way of living, and we somehow convince ourselves that our lives will always be the same.

Let Freedom Ring

Freedom is an illusion. We are born to believe that we are free; free to think, speak, and act as we please, but the reality is that we are not free. We are told how to think, speak, and even what to believe. Take a moment to think about the thoughts and beliefs that you hold on to today. Are they your own? Chances are they have been passed down generation to generation and you will continue on throughout your family lineage to the next generation.
We live in a society where we rob our children of their creativity and imagination. From the moment we are born into this world, we are told how to be. We no longer challenge our children to think for themselves, instead we provide them with the answers and hope for them to fit in with society. There is no room for imagination and creativity.

Embrace Diversity

Friendship is one of the most valuable relationships you will have in your life. There’s a saying that your friends are the family that you get to choose. Our friends are sent here to deepening our understanding of life and relationships. The first real relationship that we form outside of our family system is with a friend. They teach us the importance of genuine connections.
As children we are filled with innocence and joy. We lose our innocence as we move through life. We begin to judge and condemn each other for our differences, instead of embracing each other for those differences as we did in our youth. We place unrealistic expectations on our friends and begin to want them to be more like us or we want to be more like them.

We used to love and accept each other for our raw, unfiltered, flawed selves, but as adults we isolate

Leave Me Alone

Alone. Lonely. There is a huge difference between these two words, though many people cannot distinguish the differences. Being alone does not mean that you are lonely. Generally, when people experience feelings of loneliness, whether in the presence of others or by themselves, those feelings are also accommodated by feelings of aloneness. It is possible to be alone without being lonely. You can be alone and be at peace. There’s no peace in loneliness.
Many of us are afraid to be alone. In fact, the moments that we are afforded an opportunity to be alone, we fill the space with distractions to keep us from the present moment. We become distracted by our cell phones, television, music, anything to block the silence that comes with being alone. It is in these moments of silence that we find ourselves. Behind all the noise, chatter, and racing of your mind, there is