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Ode To My Friends

I often say jokingly that I do not have any friends. It is a common joke between one of my girlfriends and I. As we’ve grown older distance has wedged itself into the crevices of our friendships. Things have changed drastically from the times of adolescence, when we were capable of spending most of our waking hours with our friendship, sharing in laughter, gossip, and the earlier experiences of life.
As we move through life and our responsibilities increase, we do not share in those same experiences of togetherness with our friends as we once did during earlier phases of our life. We no longer can spend an immense amount of time talking on the phone, watching favorite T.V. shows, or partying every weekend. We begin to enter into a phase of life where we rejoin our family system, work on creating our own family system, and dedicate most of

Embrace Diversity

Friendship is one of the most valuable relationships you will have in your life. There’s a saying that your friends are the family that you get to choose. Our friends are sent here to deepening our understanding of life and relationships. The first real relationship that we form outside of our family system is with a friend. They teach us the importance of genuine connections.
As children we are filled with innocence and joy. We lose our innocence as we move through life. We begin to judge and condemn each other for our differences, instead of embracing each other for those differences as we did in our youth. We place unrealistic expectations on our friends and begin to want them to be more like us or we want to be more like them.

We used to love and accept each other for our raw, unfiltered, flawed selves, but as adults we isolate