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Fancy Me Not

I don’t take great care of myself. I spend time caring for everyone else, but don’t spend nearly as much time caring for myself. I know that I have to take care of myself before I can take care of anyone else, but that’s been hard to do. I am managing several roles in my life and it’s gotten hard to manage. As a result, my self-care has been at an all-time low. I was doing the bare minimum to keep up with it, but that has caught up with me. I started to feel overwhelmed and stressed out.
I was barely making it to yoga classes and there were weeks that my practice has been nonexistent. So last week I was determined to squeeze some self-care in by any means necessary. Midweek, I headed to the beach with my daughter and two women friends. It was my daughter’s first trip

Change in Direction

Life is one big movie! It is filled with ups and downs, hills and bumps,
laughter and excitement, joy and sadness. It’s a thriller, suspense,
drama, romance, comedy type of movie. It’ is all the genres packed into
one package that unfolds as your life’s movie. This is your motion
picture. Everything that is happening to you is for your greater good.
All you have to do is sit back and watch from the backseat. We don’t get
to watch it while it’s happening, although that would be great. Instead
we get to reflect back on things after they’ve already occurred,
contemplate different choices, and wonder about if things were
differently. This is the joy and excitement of life. 
There will be times in life that we will be re-routed from the current path in order to take an alternate route. During those moments, it may not appear to be reasonable to steer off course, but there

Free Yourself

In a previous post, The Road to Victory, I wrote about the continuous war that we experience along life’s journey. I did not mention in this post is that this war is an internal battle that takes place within our minds. These battles of the mind are not physical experiences, though it may often seem that way. We are presented with choices in a such a way that allows for us to make our own decisions (free will). Some people continue to make the same choices, taking the easy way out, doing what they’ve always done, and expect to get different results. These people have yet to recognize the instant of their behavior. They have not freed themselves from the bondage of the mind.
The mind is a very complex factor that we do not yet fully understand as human beings. Our minds play tricks on us, working for and against

Love Yours

Money makes the world go round, well at least that is what people like to say. It is the thing that some people life, work, and die for. Many people believe that by having more money their lives will be better. They convince themselves into believing all the problems in their life will be solved if they had more money. While money may provide temporary solutions to current life struggles, money does not, will not, and cannot be a remedy to internal pain and suffering. That type of healing must come from within.
Money is not the solution to our problems, our relationship to money is the problem. We have developed an internalized belief that money solves everything. We have yet to realized that the more we focus on money, the further away we move from our true purpose and happiness. We place too much value on money and once we

Pro Procrastinator

Writing is hard! It is perhaps one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Although I get so much joy and peace from writing, the inspiration does not come easily. It’s not like those academic papers I had to write during college, the ones where the professor gave me a topic to write about and I waited until the week before it was due to even glance at it. Then waited to the night before it was due to stay up all night frantically writing to ensure that the assignment was completed and turned in the next morning. This is essentially how I survived college, waiting until the last minute to complete assignments. It seemed in those moments of haste and pressure I was able to produce some of my best writing and ultimately receive a pretty decent grade on the assignments.
This is how I learned to complete

I Validate Me

From a very young age, we are taught to seek outside validation for all that we do. Our parents taught us whether our behaviors were pleasing or displeasing through their responses to us. As we grew older, we continued to seek this validation from our parents, family members, and friends. Our desire for validation continued to increase as we moved through life and we began to seek approval for things like fashion, relationship, and career choices.
This validation provides the reassurance that we are looking for, that ultimately we cannot give to ourselves. You do not go to someone for validation for something that you know they will not agree with. We seek approval from those that will give us the confirmation that we need. When we do not receive a favorable response, we become like children, experiencing a tantrum for being told no. We respond with aggression and defensiveness

Deception of Opinions

As human beings, we all tend to have opinions about many things. We have opinions about ourselves, other people, fashion, music, entertainment…the list is endless. Sometimes our opinions are solicited, other times they are not. We really thrive off the exchange of opinions, though we do not recognize the chaos that our opinions create. If you follow trendy topics, you’ve heard about the Steven Avery case from the Netflix original documentary series, Making a Murderer, as well as the Bill Cosby case about his alleged sexual assault/rape accusations charges.
In both of these cases, public opinion has generated numerous amounts of controversy. A quick browse through any social media platform will reveal the general consensus that there’s one man serving a life sentence in prison for a crime he didn’t commit and another facing charges for crimes that most people have already decided that he is guilty of. Sexual assault and

A Season of Giving

We are all born into the world with individual gifts and talents. Our gifting is unique to who we are and who we are called to be in greatness. We are born great singers, great writers, or even great communicators. These gifts that we were born with were given to us to share with the world. It is in the exchange of our gifts with one another that we recognize the greatness that exists within us all.
Many people have yet to recognize the rarity of their gifts and shy away from accepting their gift. By choosing to share our gifts, we subconsciously give permission to others to do the same. It takes a great deal of courage, bravery, and vulnerability to give a piece of yourself to the world but this is what you were born to do. We were born to graciously share our gifts with the world in

Collective Beings

Life is this very intricate concept that is impossible to master and understand. Though we’ve all entered into this complex loop individually, we entered into the human existence collectively. Over time as we’ve moved through our human existence, we’ve lost sight of the collectiveness that exists within the individual. We no longer live by the philosophy, ‘‘it takes a village to raise a child” but instead have adopted the phrase, “I’m all about self.” This ‘self’ has become the most monumental being of our human existence. We feed it, validate it, clothe it, and love it. This ’self’ has joined together with other ‘selves’ to create a community of individualistic thought patterns with an illusion of collectiveness.
We’ve segregated ourselves into cliques, squads, posses, and teams. We’ve made it cool to exclude those that are different from us and that don’t fit into our group. We’ve blurred the lines of

Eye of the Beholder

Beauty is the essence of all that we are. It is in the smile of a young child, in the fellowship between friends, and in the cold frost of a winter night. There is so much beauty in the world, but it goes unnoticed because of our distorted views of what beauty truly is. Beauty is the vine from which love grows. It is in everything that is grounded and created in love. Where there is love there is beauty.
Somehow beauty has mistakenly become interchangeable with attraction. Society has had a substantial influence on our views of beauty and as a result, we believe that the true nature of beauty is rooted in our physical characteristics. Beauty has nothing to do with outside attributions and has everything to do with what is already innate. It is not something that can be with a trivial eye. Beauty just is.