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Let Go

Each day the sun rises we are blessed with another day to experience the gift of life. Unfortunately the sad truth is that many people are living, but are not alive. To be alive is to experience the fullness of life, to walk in authentic truth, and to operate from a space of conscious awareness. That means to inhabit every experience that is afforded to us. New job embrace it; loss of a job, embrace it. New relationship, embrace it; end of a relationship, embrace it.
Every good or bad thing that we experience in life is intended for us to embrace it with the same attitude: gratefulness. Complaining about the course of our life does not change it. In fact it keeps us stagnant and held in a place that has no forward movement. Life is a leveling up of sorts, a maturing. We will not experience progression in

This is Love

Love is the greatest substance on this planet. It has the power to create, heal, and transform. It is by far the most powerful superpower that the human race will ever know. Though it is very much apart of our daily lives, many people do not have an understanding of the depth and magnitude of what love truly is. Love is more than the physical and emotional stimulation that we feel from another person when they have done something satisfying for us. Love goes far beyond anything that anyone can do for you.
Over time we’ve formed distorted views and opinions of love and have succumbed to the mediocre ideals of it. We meaninglessly use the term and reduce it’s power to a simple word instead of an experience. We have created a subjective perspective of it and as such our expression of love varies depending on various dynamics that affect

Elevating Exchanges

Every interaction that we enter into is an exchange of energy. Our bodies are human vessels that harness the energies that we come into contact with on a daily basis. When we share space with people, we unconsciously give them permission to infect us with their energy and vice versa. Energy attracts energy. We are drawn to people based on the vibrational frequency that their bodies emit. Interactions are created based on our attraction and/or repulsion to another person’s energy. Thus, we create exchanges of energies with everyone that we connect with.
When we enter into this exchange of energy one of three things can occur. First, there can be an mutual exchange of energy. In this interaction each person feels either refueled or depleted depending on the energy levels of the people involved in the exchange. If there are two positive energy people engaging in an interaction, both people will

I Am Everybody. Everybody Is Me.

In life, we all go through different trials and tribulations. Some of us may struggle with addictions, others with mental illnesses, or some with life’s daily stressors. Though the circumstances of life may appear to be different, our experiences of these circumstances are all the same. We often forget how our choices and behaviors could have led us down a different path than the one we are currently on. Instead we judge others for the choices that they’ve made and make statements that belittle and isolate them from our human experience.
We forget that we are not perfect and blameless. We judge people for living a life differently from our own without recognizing that we were one decision away from living the life of the person we are judging and looking down on. We once struggled with something in our lives, made a bad decision, or ended up in the

Lost in Translation

Language is an interesting concept. In fact, it is by far one of the
most complex systems that exists in the human atmosphere. It has
developed over time, changing drastically from cavemen days. Now its
most evolved form, language has created so much chaos and confusion.
Though there are various forms of language that exists, miscommunication
still occurs, Why is that?
Our understanding of each others’
language is what creates a disconnect and prevents effective
communication from occurring. It is more than miscommunication; a lack
of understanding occurs even for people that speak the same language.
For example, when someone says, “I am happy.” What is your understanding
of the word ‘happy’ and how do you know for certain that you have the
same understanding of ‘happy’ as this person. Language is very complex
and has a broad scope of meaning, yes, even with words that appear to be

Even across generations, there is a distinct difference
in language that is communicated.

Mommy Dearest

There’s no greater relationship than the one between a mother and her child. From the forming of an egg into a fetus, growing rapidly in your mother’s womb, this was the first relationship you experienced even before entering into this world. A mother’s voice is the first sound a fetus hears from the womb. It is perhaps the sweetest sound we know during our earlier stages of development. As we continue to grow and move through the different stages of development throughout our lifespan, the mother-child relationship changes.  
Most of us experience the regretful phase between adolescence and young adulthood, where we rebel terribly against our mothers. During this phase we feel as though we know everything and our mothers know nothing. We proclaim that the times are different and that the lessons our mothers are attempting to teach us are ancient and outdated. That is, until we reach a

Leave Me Alone

Alone. Lonely. There is a huge difference between these two words, though many people cannot distinguish the differences. Being alone does not mean that you are lonely. Generally, when people experience feelings of loneliness, whether in the presence of others or by themselves, those feelings are also accommodated by feelings of aloneness. It is possible to be alone without being lonely. You can be alone and be at peace. There’s no peace in loneliness.
Many of us are afraid to be alone. In fact, the moments that we are afforded an opportunity to be alone, we fill the space with distractions to keep us from the present moment. We become distracted by our cell phones, television, music, anything to block the silence that comes with being alone. It is in these moments of silence that we find ourselves. Behind all the noise, chatter, and racing of your mind, there is

Moving Ahead

The world is screaming for us all to be
better; better parents, better partners, better students, and better friends. We are constantly
being told, both consciously and subconsciously, that we are not good enough, that
we have to work harder in order to be better. When
we do strive to better ourselves, we are reminded of who we used to be and how we will
never be good enough. Striving for better is a repetitious, never-ending cycle.
If we continue to base our growth on other people’s standards of who we are, we
will never be good enough.
People will always judge you, especially
based on your past. The past is a space where some people choose to live and that is where they will reside until they choose differently. All they ever
talk about are things that have already happened and no longer exist. These people
will attempt to make you feel guilty about your past experiences and will

Fear is a Liar.

“Some people look before they leap, others just leap.” ~Kris Marlene~
It is amazing how some people are just born fearless. It’s as if they can, and often will, do anything that gives them the slightest inclination of fear. They are spontaneous, adventurous, and dare-devils. They run towards the things that they fear in order to overcome them. While this may be true for some people, this is not the case for everyone. There are some of us that are not only fearful, but fear-filled.
We live in fear; fear of the unknown, fear of other people, and fear of ourselves. We box ourselves in and become paralyzed by fear. Fear prevents us from living a whole, an authentic life. It interrupts our decision-making and keeps us from experiencing life. It is time for us to step outside of our comfort zones and move forward pass our fears. 


Transformational Feedback

A few weeks ago, I read this article, “How
to handle too much feedback,” and was introduced to Ann Friedman’s The Disapproval Matrix. I was very inspired by
this matrix! We are so boggled down by criticism that we do not have the
opportunity to reflect on the feedback that we receive and process it
accordingly. In this matrix, Ann Friedman illustrates two types of feedback that we receive (rational and irrational) and the people from whom we receive it
(lovers, critics, frenemies, and haters). We all experience a constant
flow of criticism on a daily basis, but we do not have insight into how we
should efficiently process the information that we receive.
Feedback can be frustrating and depressing. It can leave us feeling invaluable and defeated. As we go
throughout our days, we are constantly giving and receiving feedback, often
times without being consciously aware of it. We are criticizing another anytime that we express disapproval of