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Work for the Soul

Over the past few months several people have talked to me about their grave dissatisfaction with their work (read: job). They were frustrated, fed-up, and just down-right sick and tired. Their jobs were no longer providing a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that it did when they first started working there. Gone are the days of lunch break chats, friendly conversations, and positive vibes, now people are experiencing mandatory overtime, gossiping and backstabbing co-workers, and drained energy and productivity.
These people weren’t simply complaining about not liking their jobs, they were speaking to the harsh demands of their workplace environment without any incentive or appreciation for the work they were producing. This awakening is happening not only on an individual basis, but also collectively. As a human race, we are experiencing a collective shift in our consciousness and rising to the awareness of our soul’s purpose. No longer are we satisfied

God Within

As human beings we spend great deal of our time being distracted by the cares of this world. We go days, weeks, sometimes even years without time in solace and solitude. We’ve become distracted by an abundance of noise, chaos, and confusion. Once our lives are a mess we then turn to God expecting a quick remedy to solve our problems. God has become the band-aid to heal the wounds that we have created for ourselves. Instead of turning inwardly to seek guidance for answers, we’ve learned to spend time outwardly waiting to hear the voice of God.

God is not some mystical force sitting in heaven, waiting to hear our cries, and answer them when we call out. We’ve taken away from the very essence of experiencing God by turning an inward experience into an outwardly one. God resides within, in the space of quiet stillness and peace. We’ve disconnected

I Validate Me

From a very young age, we are taught to seek outside validation for all that we do. Our parents taught us whether our behaviors were pleasing or displeasing through their responses to us. As we grew older, we continued to seek this validation from our parents, family members, and friends. Our desire for validation continued to increase as we moved through life and we began to seek approval for things like fashion, relationship, and career choices.
This validation provides the reassurance that we are looking for, that ultimately we cannot give to ourselves. You do not go to someone for validation for something that you know they will not agree with. We seek approval from those that will give us the confirmation that we need. When we do not receive a favorable response, we become like children, experiencing a tantrum for being told no. We respond with aggression and defensiveness

Friends in Distance

I read an interesting article over the weekend entitled Friendship Goals. This article was very insightful and reminded me of the struggle I went through to find and secure meaningful and authentic friendships. As a child I had a best friend for every new grade. When I transferred school, I had a new best friend and sometimes multiple best friends simultaneously. My mother would always remind me that “not everyone is your best friend.” While I didn’t listen to my mother then, as I grew older I started to notice that she was right. Everyone wasn’t my best friend, in fact, not everyone was my friend.
A series of unfortunate events during grade school resulted in my best friends betraying me, hurting me, and lying about me. It was brutal and painful. As a young child losing all of your friends is probably one of the most devastating things to

Collective Beings

Life is this very intricate concept that is impossible to master and understand. Though we’ve all entered into this complex loop individually, we entered into the human existence collectively. Over time as we’ve moved through our human existence, we’ve lost sight of the collectiveness that exists within the individual. We no longer live by the philosophy, ‘‘it takes a village to raise a child” but instead have adopted the phrase, “I’m all about self.” This ‘self’ has become the most monumental being of our human existence. We feed it, validate it, clothe it, and love it. This ’self’ has joined together with other ‘selves’ to create a community of individualistic thought patterns with an illusion of collectiveness.
We’ve segregated ourselves into cliques, squads, posses, and teams. We’ve made it cool to exclude those that are different from us and that don’t fit into our group. We’ve blurred the lines of

The Blueprint

This is not my plan, but God’s plan. I have accepted it, I live it, and I’m walking in my truth. This is my journey, but it’s not for me. It is building my testimony so that I am able to inspire and uplift you to remain steadfast on your journey, so that you will know that it is not by my own power and strength, but by God’s. He is guiding me, protecting me, building me, strengthening me, keeping me, holding me, and letting me know that everything will be okay. He’s doing the same thing for you.
Life does not always happen according to the plans. We can make detailed plans for our lives, but somehow things always seem to rear off course. Every plan that I ever had for my life never happened the way that I planned it so I stopped planning. Then I had this miraculous

Against All Odds

Yesterday I attempted to count the number of times that I’d fallen
short. I lost count. I realized there were numerous times in my life that I had
sunk into this dark place filled with guilt, shame, and despair. I would feel
defeated and ready to quit, give in, and give up on life. These were moments
of weakness. I’m grateful for these moments of weakness because within them
I found my strength.
There’s no clear map for the journey of life. Sometimes it
will leave us feeling lost, confused, and broken. Though life is filled with
many ups and downs, we have to get up and keep moving forward regardless of
what comes our way. There is an array of different emotions, both good and bad,
that exists in this life and we cannot have one without the other. That is to say,
we cannot experience joy without pain or happiness without sadness. The beauty
of life is that we get

Fear is a Liar.

“Some people look before they leap, others just leap.” ~Kris Marlene~
It is amazing how some people are just born fearless. It’s as if they can, and often will, do anything that gives them the slightest inclination of fear. They are spontaneous, adventurous, and dare-devils. They run towards the things that they fear in order to overcome them. While this may be true for some people, this is not the case for everyone. There are some of us that are not only fearful, but fear-filled.
We live in fear; fear of the unknown, fear of other people, and fear of ourselves. We box ourselves in and become paralyzed by fear. Fear prevents us from living a whole, an authentic life. It interrupts our decision-making and keeps us from experiencing life. It is time for us to step outside of our comfort zones and move forward pass our fears. 


Power of Prayer

14 years ago today, in America, we experienced one of the
most tragic experiences of our country’s history. As we hold those that we lost
in our memories today, let us continue to pray for our country and our world.
Let’s pray for understanding, peace, and equality. Let us not forget those
brave and fearless service men and women that lost their lives protecting and
saving the lives of our fellow citizens. Today should not be a day of sadness
but a day of remembrance. It should serve as a sign of what we can overcome as
a country when we are united.
While the September 11th attacks were a horrific
experience for us all as a nation, it showed the camaraderie and solidarity
between us as citizens of this great nation. Today let us remember that
solidarity, that peace that we shared. Let’s get back to coming together in prayer
and support of one another. We need it. Our country

Faith in Action

When you decide to take a leap of faith and start the walk
towards pursuing your dreams, you will be met with lots of challenges,
setbacks, and disappointments. Do not let any of this discourage you from being
committed to the journey. You are here today because you overcame whatever
obstacles life has placed in your way. You did not quit nor give up. You were
purposeful, intentional, and committed to your success. Keep approaching life
in this manner, for you will need this type of attitude to succeed in every
endeavor throughout life.
This will require stepping outside of your comfort zone and
challenging yourself to face your fears. One of my favorite quotes comes from
Iyanla Vanzant and she says,“To go towards that which makes you most uncomfortable
because that’s the only way you will grow.” This means doing what others refuse to do in order to get the
job done. Even when the people who you have come