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Mirror, Mirror

I realize that I make a whole lot of excuses for a whole bunch of things. The first time someone said this to me I became argumentative and defensive. I didn’t want to see myself as that person, when in fact, that’s who I am. I create excuses for my attitude; I justify my actions, and refuse to acknowledge this as an aspect of my personality. In moments like these, I refuse to see myself from any vantage point other than my own. This has been disastrous. I’ve created a one-dimensional view of my life, which has lead to stagnation and contentment.
There are an infinite amount of perspectives that exist in the world. Each individual has a unique perspective based on their reality and the things that they experience within that reality. For me to reject someone’s perspective is refusing to acknowledge the multitude of perceptions that exist within this universe. It

It Starts with YOU

Most of us walk around unaware of the baggage that we carry with us on a daily basis. The argument that occurred last night, the rush hour morning traffic, or the unpleasant encounter with a customer service representative from last week. All things that no longer exist in this present moment, yet we are still carrying around with the anger and frustration from these moments as if they are happening now.
We allow negative emotions to come in and change the course of our entire day without even being aware of it. This results in a cluster of negative energy forming in our bodies. Negative emotions will occur, but that does not mean that we have to allow it to continue to reside in our bodies. Whether it is the anxiety in your chest, pain in your back, or anger in your heart, it will stay in your body until