Sister, My Sister

On a daily basis, women are bombarded with an array of negative images that promote competition amongst one another. We subconsciously are being told that it is better for us to stand across from each other as enemies than it is to stand next to each other as allies and friends. This has perpetuated a system of hatred among women.

It’s time that we fight against the lies and stand with each other. It is up to us, as women, to fight with each other and not against each other, for all the things we want in this world. For peace, love, and truth. The piece today is entitled, “Sister, My Sister.”

As I stare into your deep brown eyes
I see the moon, the sun, and the stars.
I wonder if you know there’s a light
That shines and radiates through you, as you
Sister, my sister

You possess the strength of a billion men
Fighting against any Goliath you will always win
Your soul permeates the resilience of a queen
You are a mother, sister, daughter, wife
You are everything
Sister, my sister

You are a reflection of me,
I of you and we of thee
Let’s stand together instead of against each other
I love you for your beauty, strength, and uniqueness
We do not have to hate one another
Instead let’s spread love and support each other
Because you are my
Sister, my sister

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