Silver Lining

Go to school they said, get an education they said. People have a tendency to paint a picture of a future life for you that is meaningful, enriching, and successful. Unfortunately life does not always look like the picture that was painted for you. The process tends to be quite different than what people lead us to believe. After going through high school, undergraduate, graduate, and now half-way through doctoral school, I had hopes of securing a position in a field that I had worked so hard to succeed in. Sadly that is not what happened.

In fact, I spent a whole year unemployed, searching for a job. It wasn’t that I could not find a job, I had gone on several interviews during that time and was offered positions, however I was searching for a job that was aligned with my goals, values, and beliefs. I wanted to work at a place that provided a quality service to their consumers, that cared about the work that they were doing, and fostered change within the community. Somewhere where I felt fulfilled by the work that I was doing. I didn’t just want to get a paycheck. I wanted to create change in the atmosphere and really help people.

Unfortunately during that time, I was unable to find an organization or institution that held the same values in their workplace ethics that I hold both personally and professionally. This was a stressful and painful process, and perhaps one of the most difficult times of my life. I recognize that my time, our time, here on Earth is so valuable, and I did not want to spend it in a place where my spirit felt imprisoned. I wasn’t just looking for a job, I was searching for THE job. Just as the year was coming to an end, I was offered not one, but three positions. All of which were at places that provided a space to create meaningful and purposeful change.

We all have plans for our life and the way in which we would like the course to go. Although things do not always go as planned, we should not allow the changes of life to cause us to lose sight of the motivation that started us on our path to begin with. We should never lose sight of our dreams, goals, and aspirations. Don’t allow money to fuel the path towards your dreams. Money as a motivation will lead you to rewards that are short-lived and temporary. When you stand on the promises of God, the rewards are long-lasting and fulfilling. Though the answers and provision may not come when we want them to, we always receive what we need right on time. There is always a silver lining waiting for us ahead. We just have to standstill, be patient, resilient, and prayful. God always provides.

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