Self Discovery
7 Steps to Discovering Your Highest Self

With just two weeks into the new year, life for me has been filled with many twist and turns.

I began to reflect on my journey and how I continue to experience these peaks and valleys.

Moments of great heights where I feel that I can soar and then moments of great fear that become hard to navigate.

I would continue to make the same choice when presented with a heightened sense of fear, without awareness of the repetition in my thought patterns and behaviors.

I would shrink inside myself, becoming depressed amidst the storm, refusing to move forward through it.

I was stuck.

My mantra became, “If I continue to make the same choices, I’ll continue to get the same results.”

It wasn’t until I choose to do something different that I was able to change my behaviors.

The moment that you decide to make a different choice when you’re faced with fear is the moment your life will change forever.

As I moved forward, my life became more chaotic and I experienced more fear.

I wanted to resort back to my old patterns of behaviors all because I wasn’t prepared for the storm.

Planning my life has kept me on task and keeps me open to navigating through when distractions occur, and distractions will occur.

When you lose sight of your walk, it’s in the darkness that lessons are learned.

I had to be willing to experience the lesson in order to receive the blessing.

On your journey when things begin to get chaotic and nothing really seems to make sense, but everything feels right, know that you are on the right path. 

When you know it’s going to be a test you prepare for it, right?

Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.

Are you prepared for life’s test?

What is your plan for your life?

Be fearless in the discovery of your highest Self.

Start with these 7 Steps.

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