Seeds of Greatness


There will come a point in your life where you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. When this moment comes, if it hasn’t already, there will be nothing or no one that can hold you back from moving forward, walking towards greatness, and pushing pass being “good enough.” Though it may seem easier to reject the feelings of discontentment and dis-ease, in these moments we are no longer satisfied by a space that has not provided growth and stimulation.

Though comfortable, this territory now appears to be unrewarding and unchallenging. You may notice a change in your motivation to go to work, an ambivalence to hang out with your friends, or hopelessness of the fairy tale ending you’ve dreamed of with your partner. When the things in your life that once gave you great joy and pleasure become hardships and burdens, a breakthrough is beginning to manifest in your life. Prepare yourself for what is about to occur next, you are walking into your greatness.

Greatness lives within each and every human being on this Earth. We have the power to awaken our greatness and it starts by refusing to settle. We should never settle at any phase of our life. The journey of life is about striving for greatness. It is continuous and never-ending. Though this may seem tiresome and boring, it is just the opposite. The journey of life is rewarding, exciting, adventurous, and spontaneous. Your goals and dreams will continue to grow and get bigger and bigger and you will never know what to expect next. Everyday is like a holiday.

When you are called to greatness, the journey of life gets harder before it gets easier. There are lessons that have to be learned, skills that have to be mastered, and humility that has to be embodied to continue along the path. It requires letting go of old ways of thinking and of doing, and taking a great leap of faith towards the unknown. Once you take the leap of faith, there’s an abundance of possibilities that await you. You will begin to see the wonders of this world take shape the moment that you refuse to settle. Greatness does not settle. Greatness knows the value of what lays within and strives daily to reach that space. Greatness is self-determined, motivated, and disciplined. You are greatness!

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