Living a Purposeful Lifestyle leads to Authenticity

A few months back, I was invited to speak at a Women’s Conference.

I was honored to have this opportunity and was all to eager to discuss the importance of finding purpose in order to live an authentic life.

During the presentation, a woman expressed that she didn’t believe that everyone should find their purpose because ‘everyone wasn’t born to be an entrepreneur.’

She’s right everyone isn’t born to be an entrepreneur.

Purpose is not interchangeable with entrepreneur.

In fact, there are plenty of entrepreneurs that are not living their purpose.

When I speak of purpose, I am talking about the WHY for your life, whether you work for yourself or someone else, that you know WHY you show up every day.

Your WHY is aligned with your WHAT. You feel a sense of purpose in the work that you do and that’s WHY you show up every day.

I spent a few years, asking every new person I met, “If they could do one thing for their rest of their life, what would it be?”

Most people said something other than the occupation they were working in.

Almost everyone expressed wanting to help people but weren’t sure how to explore their desire to help people.

It seems impossible.

It is not.

My grandfather is a man of service. If you were to ask me about his former occupation, I would say ‘truck driver’, but he believed he was so much more.

He would say that he was a navigator and a transporter of goods.

He felt honored to be doing the work and understood the higher calling.

More than just providing for his family, financially, he was traveling to provide goods and services to other families and communities.

He made the connection between the work that he was doing and WHY he was doing it.

There are three kinds of people in the world.

There’s the man who believes he’s a teacher, while his coworker she’s herself an educator.

Still, there’s the woman who sees herself as a guide for future generations, shaping and molding their delicate minds for the advancement of society.

Which person is living their purpose?

Everyone can live a life of purpose simply by knowing that the work that their doing is connected to a higher calling.

Have you made the connection between the work that you do and why you do it?

If so, you are living an authentic, purposeful life!

I’d love to hear what you are doing to matain your purposeful lifestyle.

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