Pro Procrastinator

Writing is hard! It is perhaps one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Although I get so much joy and peace from writing, the inspiration does not come easily. It’s not like those academic papers I had to write during college, the ones where the professor gave me a topic to write about and I waited until the week before it was due to even glance at it. Then waited to the night before it was due to stay up all night frantically writing to ensure that the assignment was completed and turned in the next morning. This is essentially how I survived college, waiting until the last minute to complete assignments. It seemed in those moments of haste and pressure I was able to produce some of my best writing and ultimately receive a pretty decent grade on the assignments.

This is how I learned to complete work, which ultimately lead me to becoming a habitual procrastinator, that is until I started to judge myself. I thought if I cared more about the things that I was working on, I would invest more time into planning instead of putting them off until the last minute. With this blog, I made an attempt to plan the writing process by completing a content calendar and pre-planning posts a week ahead. I found that the morning of I would get a burst of energy that would inspire me to write something entirely different from the initial, pre-planned post for that day. I recognized that my procrastination was not causing me to be hesitant or fearful, but instead always resulted in completion of the work.

So I started thinking, perhaps I’ve been thinking about procrastination all wrong. Maybe procrastination is not an enemy that should be avoided at all cost. Perhaps procrastination can be used as a source of motivation and inspiration. Though it causes me great pressure and stress, procrastination has become my best and worst friend. I always feel accomplished and inspired by the work that I’ve completed even if it was completed in haste. Though procrastination works for some people, I recognize that like all things, what works for one may not work for another. If you are a habitual planner and procrastination has not been your frenemy then steer clear and continue using what works best for you.

There are two types of people in this world: there are planners and there are procrastinators. Both groups judge each other for doing the best that they know how and ultimately what is working best for them. You know the saying, why fix what’s not broken? If procrastination has not proven to be detrimental to you then continue procrastinating; if planning has been successful and produces the results that you desire continue to plan. Regardless of whichever method you use to complete the work, just get it done!

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