Planning Time

I read an article last week about Elon Musk, CEO of Telsa, managing his time in 5-minute time intervals. Can you imagine how busy your life must be to plan around 5-minute intervals!? According to the article, Musk even eats his lunch in 5 minutes or less. He believes planning his day into 5 minute slots increases his productivity and allows for an optimized agenda. Knowing that I needed to change the way I manage my time, I thought I should attempt to make a schedule planning my time into intervals too.

I thought if I was going to change my procrastinating ways that I needed to take action about making better use of my time. So I started planning my days into hour-by-hour time slots, including time for playtime with my daughter, yoga classes, morning meditation, and rest. I scheduled 3 hours per day for writing and planned for an earlier bedtime and rise time. I’ve already noticed significant changes and not just with my productivity. After just one week, I’ve experienced an increase sense of awareness. I’m more present instead of anxiously thinking about what I’m going to do next. I actually used the time that I planned for writing, instead of playing a game on my phone or watching the newest season of Orange is the New Black.

I was able to just be in the moment with my daughter during our walk to the park and enjoy our time playing. Making better use of my time has made me feel really good. Not only has my productivity and time management skills improved, I’m also happier.  Seeing the improvement in all of these areas made me want to continue planning.  So I started planning the next week and finally made it to 3 months ahead. I also downloaded a screen time tracker app, called Moment, to track the amount of time I spent on my phone. I noticed the amount of time I spent on my phone decreased just because I knew I was being tracked. Although I was surprised to find out that, even with my knowledge of being tracked, I still spent on average 2 hours per day using my phone.

I wondered if I could use just an hour of that time being more productive. Instead of spending 15 minutes scrolling through Facebook, I want to be able to read a book or meditate. Planning has given me insight into the value of time and learning how to use it wisely. Time is one of the most important currency that we have and I don’t want to waste it. Saying goodbye to my procrastinating ways and eagerly working to become a proactive planner. I’m looking forward to see the outcome.

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