Piece by Piece

As a kid I used to love puzzles. I would spend a great deal
of time working on putting the outer pieces together and then work towards the
center, adding piece after piece, until the puzzle was complete. Life is like a
puzzle. We have to be willing to do the work on the outside and then start to
work on the inside in order to see the bigger picture.

Many of us give up when it comes time to do the work on the
inside. We see a piece that seemingly doesn’t fit perfectly into the puzzle. It
becomes too hard to envision the finished project, and we give up on continuing
to do the work. If we stop working once we’ve finished the outer portion of
life’s puzzle, we will never get to see the finished product. 


Your life is a puzzle. Each piece fits perfectly together to
form a beautiful picture. Everything that you have endured in life was to form
this picture. Just like in a puzzle, there are some extraordinary pieces that
may seem to be a malfunction, but nothing in your life is a mistake. All the
things you have experienced in your life is all apart of your puzzle, shaping
and molding you into who you are today and even more who you want to become.

Live life with no regrets. Be thankful for all the pieces
that helped to create your puzzle. Chances are you’ve already spent time
working on the outer layer of your puzzle. Now is the time to begin the work on
the inside. You may not be able to see the completed puzzle while you are
working on it, but trust that every piece fits perfectly together to create the
picture that you dream of.
Piece by piece, create your life.

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