Perception is Power

A friend told me once before that it made him
uncomfortable to be around me because he could tell that I wasn’t being myself.
He was right. Whenever I would hang out with my old group of friends, who
didn’t know the “new” me, I would shield myself. I was scared to reveal to them
who I had become, too scared of their ridicule and judgment. So I would cower
into my shell and spend more time thinking about how I was being perceived
instead of just being.

The interesting thing is that this same friend would
do the exact same thing. He wasn’t being his true self either. It is funny
sometimes how people can give you their opinion on your life, but fail to
recognize their own shortcomings. This is because some of us are unaware of how
we are perceived. We are caught up in our own world and have this “I don’t care
what others think about me” attitude. While it is true that we should not let the
thoughts of others prevent us from being who we are, we should care to some


It is important to know how we are being
perceived because it provides us with awareness of who we are. That is not to
say that every perception that someone has of you is true; however your
reaction to their perception says more about you than it does about them. We
have to recognize the truth in others’ perception of
who we are and choose to do something about it, if we do not like how we are
being perceived. If someone reveals to you something about yourself that you don’t like, ask
yourself what is it that I am doing to be perceived in this manner? Gaining
outside perception is helpful because if it is inaccurate to your beliefs about
who you are, it has a lot to do with your behaviors and actions than it does
their perception.

It is true that sometimes people will have a
false perception of who we are and we are allowed to disregard any perception
that does not resonates with us. However if there is truth to what is being
perceived about who you are and you don’t like it, then you have the option to
change it. We always have a choice. While it is true that we should know
ourselves better than anyone else, the fact of the matter is that there will
always be blind spots. There are parts of ourselves that we are unaware of and
if we do not like what is revealed to us, we have to be willing to make a decision
to do something about it. If you want to change, change. It’s all up to you.

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