— Paradox of Healing
5 A’s to Wellness

This week marks the beginning of the winter season with the solstice on Thursday.

The winter solstice begins the season of longer days and shorter nights.

It’s a time of stillness and colder weather.

It also provides an opportunity to reflect on the year’s past and the year to come.

Over the past few weeks, I had the opportunity to reflect on my areas of growth or “flaws.”

I know that I am whole, but I am also broken.

Positive self-talk is important, but lack of self-awareness is dangerous.

If I stay aware of only the good aspects of myself then I’m missing out on the opportunity to grow.

I’m not blind to the fact that there are spaces in my life that I need to improve on.

To be better.

And there’s always room to be better.

Not for anyone else, but for myself.

In order to get better, I must hold myself accountable for the areas where there’s a disconnect between who I am and who I want to be.

I have to be willing to stand still and reflect on the areas of that do not always emit light.

I cannot live in peace and harmony while turning a blind eye to my dis-eased mind, projecting a reality of perfection where there needs to be transformation and healing.

My healing begins in my mind and how I view myself.

Yes, I am whole.

I am broken, too.

It is in my brokenness that I find my wholeness.

That I come to know myself as whole within my brokenness.

That’s the paradox of life.

That we are both at the same time.

We cannot heal from what we refuse to look at.

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