Ode To My Friends

I often say jokingly that I do not have any friends. It is a common joke between one of my girlfriends and I. As we’ve grown older distance has wedged itself into the crevices of our friendships. Things have changed drastically from the times of adolescence, when we were capable of spending most of our waking hours with our friendship, sharing in laughter, gossip, and the earlier experiences of life.

As we move through life and our responsibilities increase, we do not share in those same experiences of togetherness with our friends as we once did during earlier phases of our life. We no longer can spend an immense amount of time talking on the phone, watching favorite T.V. shows, or partying every weekend. We begin to enter into a phase of life where we rejoin our family system, work on creating our own family system, and dedicate most of our time to our goals and dreams.


We do not have the same amount of time to share and engage with our friends as we once were capable of. This separation is not a representation of the value or lack thereof of your friendships, instead it is symbolic of the growth that you and your friends are working towards. It is proof that you are on the right track, all individually working towards a greater goal, but coming together to inspire, motivate, and build up one another.

My most genuine, authentic friendships are the ones where we go days, weeks, and even months without communicating, but once we do reconnect, it is as though no time or space has ever passed between us. We share in a space of love, of light, and, of truth. It is the most amazing experience ever. I appreciate my friends for having the courage, faith, and sustenance to stand firm in their faith and walk. They reflect back to me the courageous spirit that exists within me. They motivate and inspire me to walk in the same spirit of truth, authenticity, and greatness. Regardless of the amount of time we physically communicate, I find solace in knowing that there is communication that takes place between us that is far beyond any words that can ever be said. I do have friends and they are amazing!

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