Mission Accomplished: How To Accomplish Your Top-Level Goal

After many years of talking about it, writing about it, and thinking about it, I finally started to work on writing a book. After 16 years, I finally put my dreams into action and started working towards accomplishing my top-level goal.

For 16 years I did everything except work on writing a book. Three years ago, I decided to start actually working on it. After all, I was blogging about living a life of purpose and actually working with clients to help them fulfill their dreams, even though I wasn’t actively working towards my own.

This was embarrassing. I was too afraid to admit that I was scared. I wasn’t sure I could write a book and didn’t believe I could. How was I going to work towards accomplishing such a big goal? It didn’t seem possible or realistic.

I started taking courses and workshops on the art of writing and publishing. Although these resources were insightful and informative, none of them inspired me to take action. I created lists, mind maps, and outlines as strategies for getting the book done. All tasks were abandoned after the first week and I was left feeling like a failure.

This was an unhealthy pattern of behavior that was hard to change at first, even though I recognized it. I needed something to keep me on task and focused. I didn’t want to continue making excuses, complaining about not having enough time. I was mismanaging time.

I was hardly making time to do what I was saying I wanted to do. It became frustrating and disappointing as I watched the people I admired step boldly into their purpose unapologetically while I sat comfortably in my shell of laziness and excuses. I wanted to see my top-level goal fulfilled.

I had to recognize the disconnection between where I was and where I was saying I wanted to be. If I wanted to create any meaningful change in my life, I had to be willing to do something about it.

These four steps provided the foundation I needed to achieve my top-level goal. Coupled with motivation and determination I worked diligently to manifest the dream of my eleven-year-old self.

1. Intention Setting – Get clear about what your goal is and why you want to accomplish it. The what is the action. The why is the anchor. Your ‘what’ will provide a clear vision to where you are heading and set the backdrop for the course of your journey. The “why” is your foundation. This will hold you to your goal and operate as an anchor holding you to your commitment to your goal.

2. Organization – How will you go about accomplishing your goal? What tools or resources will you use to contribute to your goal? Look at the things and people that you already have access to and ask yourself how can I use these resources to contribute to the accomplishment of my goal?

3. Time Management – Become a commander of your time. Have direction for the course of your life each day. The night before or the morning of, set time aside to plan out the course of your day. Then work your way up to planning your weeks, months, etc. Become a master planner of your time. This will help with the minimization or elimination of distractions as well.

4. Implementation – Take action towards accomplishing your goal. If you’re stuck in your comfort zone, move beyond it. Execution will move you closer to the desired results for accomplishing your goal.

When you set goals it’s not enough to just envision them, you must also establish a strategic plan to accomplish them. Your dreams aren’t going to create themselves.

What is your intention for this year? What goal(s) do you want to accomplish? Write them down. Make a plan. Work towards them. That’s all it takes. You have the power within you to make all your dreams come true.

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  • Florence Swan
    Posted at 03:19h, 09 January Reply

    Straight forward advice I needed to read.

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