Mind Your Own Business

Social media has created a platform for people to run amuck, proclaim their pettiness, display their ignorance, and showcase a lack of sensitivity and compassion. I wanted to break down the notion of “minding your own business,” especially with the increase of social media drama that has flooded the Internet. “Mind” is an esoteric concept of present and awareness of self. To “mind your own business” essentially means to be aware of self. To be aware of self means to focus on self yet we sometimes get away from this and focus on other people. Relationships are sustained through our ability to trust one another and maintain a sense of loyalty. Chaos and conflict in relationships stem from the lack of one’s capability to mind their own business.

As much as many of us would like to say that we don’t focus on other people’s business, the fact is that anytime we engage in gossip, whether it’s hearsay or third-party information, we are not minding our business. Someone once said to me “You didn’t tell me that I couldn’t tell anyone.” Why should we have to be told what is or is not appropriate to share with someone else? If it’s not your business to tell then it shouldn’t be told. If everyone focuses on what is their’s to tell, sharing their story instead someone else’s, we would create a space free of gossip, drama, and will be able to be more mindful. We have to set boundaries and take control over how our stories are being told.

Information is in constant flow and the speed at which it travels is astounding. Through technologies like fiber optics, information is literally traveling at the speed of light. The moment a piece of information leaves you, you have no control over its destination. Essentially it can reach any person because people lack a sense of self-awareness and discipline. What is more detrimental is what happens once information is received by a third-party person. R&B singer Kehlani recently attempted suicide due to an influx of vicious verbal attacks via social media, related to a situation that the masses really knew anything about. We do not know the intimate details in the lives of people, yet we somehow feel it’s appropriate to have free range and insert our opinions in a place we do not belong.

We have obstructed views of our own situations and instead project our judgements, shame, and guilt onto other people. Essentially we’ve invaded the space of another because we do not feel at home in our own life. Ultimately this causes more harm than good and it creates more damage in the world. The next time that gossip passes your desk, inbox, or newsfeed just reflect on how you will respond and take the moment to be mindful, aware, and ask yourself is this any of my business? Become like vault, building a sense of trust, first for yourself, and then others. Recognize that to mind your business increases your awareness of self, and provides you an opportunity to share your own story instead of being the narrator to someone’s else movie.

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