Maximize the Power of Creation

As a human race, we are experiencing a collective shift in our consciousness and rising to the awareness of our soul’s purpose. No longer are we satisfied with the mundane, day-to-day routine of punching the clock only to leave feeling unfulfilled, unappreciated, and underpaid.

We are awakening to our life’s purpose as the confines of the workplace no longer provide a sense of stability and satisfaction. “I finally know what I want to do,” is the reflective epiphany I’ve heard during many conversations. We want to be of service to others, feel appreciated, and produce meaningful work. There is less focus being placed on the monetary value received from the work we do, and instead greater value is being placed on the intrinsic fulfillment of the work.

We want to construct work that will create momentous change in the world around us. We are the creators of our universe and no longer are we content with the antiquated processes of our society. The shift in our collective consciousness has sparked a light in our creativity and imagination. Collectively we have the power to rewrite the history of the human race. By freeing ourselves of the shackles and bondage of the system, we can create work that is uplifting, inspiring, and gratifying to our souls.

Creation allows the mind to grow. It provides an opportunity for us to see ourselves through a different lens to reveal other possibilities. We do not have to be confined to the voices of our minds, but can come to the conceptualization that our lives are our own. The more we allow the mind to create, the more the mind will expand. The further the mind can reach, the more it can connect to and grasps hold of.

Most people believe to be grounded is to be feet pointed forward planted to the ground. While this is one way of experiencing being grounded, it can feel like stagnation and bondage. To be without movement is not the natural course of our human experience. We were made to dance. To move. To sing. To play. To flow. Life is just a big ‘ol dance.

Are you dancing at the party? Have you allowed yourself to move with the rhythm of the beat? Are you going with the flow?

Utilize the time you’ve been given to heal, create, and inspire. You do not have to stay stuck in fear, depression and uncertainty. You do not have to remain in a shell of yourself feeling fear or anxiety about what to do next. Stop caring about next. There isn’t any next. Next doesn’t exists. It’s ‘What’s Now?’ What’s happening now? What can you do right now in this moment to make your life better and whatever that thing is, do it! Do it for you, not anyone else.

You have to be more unapologetic with your time and space. Stop giving permission to these things to evade your space of peace, leeching on to your soul, and taking hold of your being. These things ultimately are rooted in fear and take you away from where you are heading.

In order to think about what’s next you have to get through where you are now. This does not mean stop planning. You should have a plan while still remaining steadfast. Obstacles will come to veer you off the path. Take whatever space you need to continue along your journey, but always move forward. Here’s how to maximize the power of creation while adapting to the changes that are occurring:

  • Acceptance: First we must accept where we are in life and whatever space we are in. Without judgement, knowing that we are in a space of healing always. Through acceptance we grow.
  • All things fall apart: Eventually there comes a time and space when things will fall apart. Nothing stays the same forever and when things need to fall away from us under pressure certain aspects of our life collapses.
  • Change is inevitable: Creation can only occur through destruction. It is a false hope to believe that things will always be the same. It is this belief that causes the greatest amount of heartache as human beings. Although history has taught us that everything under the sun changes over time, we still hope and pray for things to be good all the time.Life is intended to change in order to advance the human race.


What changes have you made in your life to maximize the power of creation? I’d love to hear from you.

  • Cheryl Swan
    Posted at 18:54h, 13 April Reply

    At this moment in this space, I needed this. I needed to remind myself that I matter. My voice matters. I feel stuck, uninspired and lost. Thank you for these words of encouragement, reminding me of the “now”.

    • Sharon Elise
      Posted at 02:59h, 14 April Reply

      Glad to hear you are inspired to take action. That’s awesome! Thank you.

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