Master Gardener

Planting a seed is much like having a vision. You plant a seed in soil, water it, and then wait patiently for it to grow. You will continue to water it and give it sun light, but the most important thing that you can do for your seed is trust that it will grow. You have to have faith that though you no longer can see it, your seed will blossom and grow. When we have a vision, we work towards it, put time and effort into creating it, but we often forget that we must continue to believe in it too.

Our belief in our vision is what gives it life in order for it to cultivate and grow. Though we may expect the people surrounding us to accept and support our vision, they sometimes are incapable of seeing it or even knowing that a seed was planted. So if they come by to see your garden, they do not know the work that you put into planting your seed. They are capable of seeing the soil, but not what’s underneath. The seed has yet to burst from it’s shell to begin it’s ascend to greatness.

You have to believe in your seed’s potential. Even if the people around you do not believe in it or see it the way that you want them to. Sometimes the people closest to us are incapable of believing in our vision. Perhaps they are small-minded, have given up on their dreams, or just refuse to believe that anything is possible. The most important person that needs to believe in your vision is YOU! If you trust and believe that you can accomplish any and everything that you put your mind to, then anything is possible. ANYTHING!

If you want to write a book, start a school, or even build a new version of the iPhone, whatever it is that is the deep yearning in your heart to create, I join you in agreement and acceptance of that vision. I declare with you that it is already done, you’ve already created it. That’s how much I believe that we have the power to bring our visions to fruition. The power is in your hands. You are the gardener: plant your seeds, water them, and have faith that though you cannot see them, they are preparing to ascend to their fullest potential.

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