Manifest Your Vision through Faith

I spent a lot of time last year planting seeds and learning how to garden.

Not in the literal sense, but more figuratively.

Planting seeds are much like having a vision. When you have a vision you work towards it and put time and effort into creating it.

All the time and effort that I spent investing in my garden has proven to be beneficial.

Though the results of my work weren’t instant, I’m starting to see the flourishing of my crops.

I set a goal to secure one speaking engagement per month and this month I have three.

I already have one scheduled for next month and two for May!

If I would have walked out of my garden after watering my seeds, just waiting for them to flourish, I would never receive the harvest of my crop.

My faith in my garden is what caused my seeds to grow.

You have to put in the work, time, and effort for your vision to be created.

Your work is your faith in action, not just your belief in it.

The vision that you have for your life isn’t going to create itself.

You have to tend to your garden on a daily basis. It requires heavy lifting and long nights without any immediate results.

This requires getting outside of your comfort zone, getting down on your knees, and doing the grunt work.

I’ve had this vision for myself for quite some time, but always was scared to cultivate it.

I had to learn how to tend to my garden properly before being able to receive the harvest of my crops.

I couldn’t just plant my seeds and expect someone else to tend to my garden.

I had to believe in the potential of the seeds that I had planted.

Your belief in your vision is what causes it to manifest.

You may want people surrounding you to support you and help tend to your garden, but they aren’t capable of gardening on your soil.

You have to tend to your garden, cutting down weeds, and nourishing your crops.

Even when the people around you don’t believe in the work that you are doing, continue to expect a harvest.

Your seeds have yet to burst from their shells to begin ascension towards greatness.

Your vision has potential, have faith that though you cannot see it, you are preparing for it.

Have faith. Manifest your vision.


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