Lost Mojo

There used to be this fire that burned deep inside of me, metaphorically speaking. It was my passion, my drive, and motivation to do anything that I put my mind to. This fire lead me to my goals, aspirations, and dreams. It motivated me to pursue advanced degrees, move to a town where I didn’t know anyone, and to believe in myself when no one else believed in me. It was my mojo.

Recently I realized that the fire had gone out. It was no longer wedged into my chest fueling my dreams, goals, and fears, making me feel like superwoman. I lost my mojo. The thing about fire is that eventually it burns out. It cannot and will not be inflamed forever. I realized that the thing that got me here will not be the thing that gets me there. Our motivation changes overtime and we have to be willing to adjust to those changes. We all will have to let go of our ruby slippers in order to continue down the road to Oz.


There comes a point in our journeys, where we must harness the power within. We have to search deep within to find the strength and courage to continue along our paths, long after our motivation has subsided. We must be willing to push against the odds, the obstacles, and detours to remain steadfast towards our dreams. Your motivation will lead you to a peak in your life, a great experience or an accomplished goal, but it will not carry you through until the end.

Like everything else in life, our motivations will change. We must find new motivators to continue pursuing our dreams. We cannot continue to use what is no longer working expecting to get to the next phase of our life. Life is filled with many setbacks. Things will change, and nothing ever goes as planned, but your belief in your vision should always remain.

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