Let Freedom Ring

Freedom is an illusion. We are born to believe that we are free; free to think, speak, and act as we please, but the reality is that we are not free. We are told how to think, speak, and even what to believe. Take a moment to think about the thoughts and beliefs that you hold on to today. Are they your own? Chances are they have been passed down generation to generation and you will continue on throughout your family lineage to the next generation.

We live in a society where we rob our children of their creativity and imagination. From the moment we are born into this world, we are told how to be. We no longer challenge our children to think for themselves, instead we provide them with the answers and hope for them to fit in with society. There is no room for imagination and creativity. We rob our children of their opportunity to be free. We take away their freedom to shape and mold them into “little adults.”


True freedom is the power to exercise our spirit, thoughts, and reason openly and freely. That means that we create our own reality instead of allowing others to create it for us. Like a child being told their imaginary friend does not exist because the mind of an adult cannot physically see it. We’ve had our imagination and creativity stolen from us and we do the same to our children.

Exercise your right to freedom. Let’s begin to open our eyes to see the world through the eyes of our children. The inquisitive and imaginative child still lives within you. Allow your imagination and creativity to explore the world as you did as a child. You will be surprised of the treasures you will find. Question everything, even the beliefs you currently hold. This is where Freedom begins.

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