Leave Me Alone

Alone. Lonely. There is a huge difference between these two words, though many people cannot distinguish the differences. Being alone does not mean that you are lonely. Generally, when people experience feelings of loneliness, whether in the presence of others or by themselves, those feelings are also accommodated by feelings of aloneness. It is possible to be alone without being lonely. You can be alone and be at peace. There’s no peace in loneliness.

Many of us are afraid to be alone. In fact, the moments that we are afforded an opportunity to be alone, we fill the space with distractions to keep us from the present moment. We become distracted by our cell phones, television, music, anything to block the silence that comes with being alone. It is in these moments of silence that we find ourselves. Behind all the noise, chatter, and racing of your mind, there is peace.


It takes great deal of strength to sit with your thoughts and listen as they ebb and flow. Our thoughts, at first, will continue to race and seem all over the place. That is, until we regain control over them. This can only occur once we acknowledge the noise inside of our head. You can’t do this when your mind is being occupied with distractions. Being alone requires a certain level of confidence, strength, and endurance.

One of the most important relationships that you will ever have in this life is with yourself. Other than the nine months that you spent alone in your mother’s womb, when was the last time that you devoted time to being by yourself? Don’t allow the fear of being alone to keep you stuck in the unhealthy cycle of loneliness. Loneliness will keep you searching for something outside of yourself to fill the void that ultimately can only be filled by you. Aloneness creates a space of acceptance, peace, and love for oneself. Would you rather be alone?

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