Law of Life

Many people are caught between who they are and the person they want to be. In this gap, there’s a struggle between the ego and the spirit. Our ego has a desire to hold on to our old ways of being, doing, and thinking, while our spirit is eager to explore the abundance of possibilities that exist in a space we have yet to discover. During this time, an essential change occurs and we have an opportunity to let go of our past in order to walk towards the future.

Our foundations are shaken to create new grounding and stability occurs only if we are willing to adapt to this change. Unfortunately, while many of us may accept change, we don’t always like it. We get set into our routines, we become comfortable with our way of living, and we somehow convince ourselves that our lives will always be the same. The fact is that the only thing constant in life is change. Everything that we experience will change including our relationships, our careers, and of course even our physical bodies. Nothing stays the same, always.

Life is a constant flow of changes and with change comes discomfort, chaos, and confusion. Our initial reactions may be to resist and deny the changes that appear in our lives, but our unwillingness to adapt to the change creates more chaos and dysfunction. Holding on to old ways of being keeps us stagnant and in a place of desolation. We can not grow into our Higher Self if we refuse to let go of who we are today.

Change is not always enjoyable and can be difficult to accept; however change is what keeps life in motion. All of life is a result of the changes in this world. We all hold a dream of ourselves that’s better than the person that we are today. Allowing the inevitable changes to occur in our lives will shape and mold us into the version of ourselves that we dream about. Always be willing to adapt to the changes in life. Even in the midst of chaos, trust that there is always a greater purpose for the changes in our lives. Embrace change!

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