The Knowing of Self

Today is a day of self-discovery. There are many things that we devote our time to like our children, our partners, our studies, even television, cell phones, and social media, but how much time do we dedicate to learning about who we are? We cannot rely on others to tell us about who we are and the areas where we can improve. We must hold ourselves accountable for our growth into our Highest Self.

There is much to learn about who we are. There will always be areas of growth in your life to improve upon. We must be willing to become our own experts. We hold ourselves back by refusing to learn the lesson the first time around and we then find ourselves repeating the same situations over and over again. Though the circumstances may differ, the cycle remains the same until the lesson is learned.


The relationships that we have in our lives are intended to teach us a lesson about who we are. I shared with my mother once that she has been my greatest teacher. Imagine my surprise when she replied that I had been hers. Even in parental relationships, children teach parents valuable life lessons. In every relationship in our life, we are both teachers and students simultaneously.

Spend sometime today reflecting on the areas of growth in your life. Ask yourself what is it that you could be doing differently to improve the quality of your life and your relationships? Hold yourself accountable! It is up to you to strengthen, heal, and cultivate a positive and meaningful life. Become a student in life’s class. The subject is all about you. Take notes! There’s much to learn about who you really are!

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