Keep the Flowers

We all have heard about the sowing and reaping seasons. It
is the law of harvest: when you sow a seed, you reap the harvest. While there
is a great deal of discussion about sowing and reaping seasons, we don’t hear
much about the weeding season. The weeding season is the time that takes place
in between the sowing and reaping seasons. It is an essential period for
evaluation, growth, and development.

A seed cannot grow into its’ fullest potential surrounded
by weeds. Weeds do not support the growth and development of the flowers around
them. Instead weeds grow rapidly and uncontrollable evading the space of the
plants and flowers surrounding them. If weeds are not removed from the soil,
they will continue to grow and spread throughout the garden, destroying the
life of the other flowers and plants.


Your seed cannot survive the presence of undesirables in
your garden. Gardeners have the eye to see where weeds are growing and remove
them from the garden before they contaminate the forthcoming harvest. When pulling weeds, you have to be willing to
bend down and pluck out even the smallest weed. You need to maintain the eye of a gardener or your seed will not continue to blossom. You cannot
expect to reap the harvest with the presence of weeds in your garden.

There are many things that can be identified as weeds in
your life. We tend to ignore the weeds as they hide amongst the flowers in our lives, but it
is up to us to remove them from our garden. Weeds can be various things from
family and friends, to addiction and alcohol. During this season of weeding,
identify the weeds that are currently present and remove them
before they spread to other areas of your garden. Don’t allow these unwanted,
undesirable parasites to take control of your garden. Sow, Weed, and then

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