I is We. We are I.

I learned a very valuable lesson today and I wanted to share this lesson with you all, in hopes that you can not only identify and relate to it, but that it will foster a community for us to share our experiences in a more collective and inclusive way. When I was in college I was taught that as a writer you do not need to use singular language (i.e. I, me, my) because you are the writer and the reader knows that. So when I started this blog, I began writing in the same manner, using singular forms very infrequently. Generally I would write in plural language (i.e. we, us, our) to be more inclusive and share in my experiences with the readers.

I realized though, that by doing this, I was being more exclusive than inclusive. The perception could be that by using plural language I was pointing the finger and excluding myself from the process, instead of saying this is something that I have experienced and perhaps something you might have experienced too. Everything that I’ve written about or will ever write about is something that I am living through or have experienced. The blog posts that I share are lessons that I’m learning along my journey and hope to inspire you to share lessons from your journey. 


If you’ve learned something, share it here. Conversations that I’ve had with friends have turned into blog posts, I’ve included previously quotes from some of those conversations, and I’ve received feedback in order to grow. When I started this blog, my sole intention was to create a platform for us to be able to share, learn, and grow together. Not for it to be this “I, me, or my” type of thing but really to stimulate meaningful conversation, whether it happens on this website, via social media, email, or text messaging, I definitely just wanted to create a community to share our experiences together.

I actually am in the process of revamping the site so that we can communicate collectively with one another, easily and effortlessly, sharing in our experiences together because I believe that we can all learn from each other. I want this to be a community of collective thinkers working to extend and expand our consciousness together. Moving forward, I will be using more ‘I’ language because I want this to be a collaborate and collective experience. By using singular language I am taking responsibility for the lessons, failures, downfalls, and setbacks that I’ve learned and am learning along my journey. I’ve realized that I can use both singular and plural language to be inclusive, but by me excluding ‘I’ from this process, I’ve made it more about you and less about we. I want you all to know that we are in this together. I is We. We are I. 

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